Where the medieval and the modern co-exist- Hanoi, Vietnam

Where the medieval and the modern co-exist- Hanoi, Vietnam

With a steep past and the impression of hostility along the pretty natural landscapes and scenic spots, Hanoi, the Capital City of Vietnam has been one of the topmost tourist destinations of the world. This historic 1000 year old place has many a tale to tell. This beautiful capital city lies in the northern part of the Mekong Delta. This place has been a witness to many wars and natural hostilities, although, it has been built with elaborate networks of canals and ages old embankments. This city is blended with the Sino-Vietnamese theme with distinctive french trails. Hanoi has been evolving to be one of the fastest developing cities in the South-eastern Asia.picturehanoi


The city Hanoi has a long history lasting over a thousand years into the past. This city has been through numerous transformations, restorations and inhabitants tha add to its rich heritage and traditions. The city has undergone many changes since the 13th century. Initially was known as Thang-Long which was conquered by Chinese and was renamed as Tong Bing. The name Hanoi was set by the Nguyen Dynasty is the 17th century.  It has also been the ground for many battles and wars. In spite of them all, it has evolved as one of the most sought after places for scientific research and development. There are only a few 5 storey buildings in this places.



Vietnam has always been noted for its culture and traditions. It is an unusual custom here for people to talk to strangers. When you walk around in the streets of Hanoi, people would talk to you. It would seem highly unusual in the beginning but is very helpful when you get lost in the bustling streets of Hanoi. Hanoi was also the capital of the French Indochina which was a place for many centres of education and learning that comprised of western and eastern principles of teaching.

opera house

The City

This city is known for its riverside landscapes and people. There are many notable landmarks in this city like the  Old Quarter, Colonial Hanoi and its many museums.

Old Quarter

old wuarter

These old buildings of Hanoi comprise of over 40 streets and are always packed with shops selling goods of different kinds. Every street is named after the goods that used to be sold there, in those very streets hundreds of years ago. You need more than 3-4 hours to visit this major landmark of Hanoi. Its known for its numerous cycles and pedestrians that are present all over the place. This should be a must visit when you are in Hanoi.

National Museum of Vietnamese History


This museum showcases its histories and times that ruled over this beautiful city. It was designed by Ernest Hebrard and it exhibits a blend of french and traditional vietnamese architecture.

Thang Long Water puppet theatre


This place has recieved a lot of fame from the world over. It has remained as one of the top tourist attractions in northern Vietnam. There are so many enthusiasts that watch this brilliance at the theatre which results in the tickets being sold out much before hand.It is best that you book the tickets as soon as you get to Hanoi. This has been a culture of Hanoi. They showcase various cultural ages, harvest times and also tell the tales of the land. These puppets are controlled by eight puppeteers. Traditional music is played to accompany the skits. This place will surely have you amazed. Its a definite visit.

hanoi food


Vietnam is known for its rich cuisines. The famous dishes are Pho Bo and Pho Ga. These dishes are believed to have originated in Hanoi. Pho Bo is made of beef and Pho Ga is made of Chicken. The national dish of Vietnam, Pho has been named as one of the top five street foods by a global magazine. The specials in their menus are dog, snake,insects, etc. The insect laden menus are famous in Khuong Thong village.

the streets


There are many modes of transport that you could use while travelling through the streets of Hanoi. The cyclos, cars, buses, motorbike drivers, etc. You could either rent a bike or buy one to travel across the country. The buses are extremely comfortable and are fast. The roads are crowded with heavy traffic. Buses would be the best option to travel around the country. Taxis are always there. You could use them too.

Where would you stay?

Vietnam is known for its brilliant hospitality. There are many hotels in Hanoi that  offer you a great experience while you are there. Staying in one of the Vietnamese hotels would be the best option. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, Sofitel Plaza Hanoi and Crowne Plaza West Hanoi are one of the well know hotels in Hanoi. The winters in hanoi are cold and nice. Visiting during the summers would be bad because it gets very humid and turns into a mega sauna. The winters are the best time to visit the city of Hanoi.


Vietnam is known for its rich history and culture that is span over a wide timeline. The city would give you an enthralling experience when you get there. The people and their customs are unique and the famous cuisine of Vietnam is the icing on the cake.

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