Mare Island Naval Shipyard- Vallejo, California

Mare Island Naval Shipyard- Vallejo, California

Mare_Island_ShipyardMare Island basically is a peninsula which locates itself in the United States alongside the city of Vallejo in California. This island of Mare is considered as a peninsula because no full body of water is separated by this or even several other named islands from the mainland surrounding it. Instead there is a series of small sloughs cause seasonal water flows among the peninsula which now considered as the so called islands. Mare Island is termed as the largest of all the islands which is about 3.5 miles which equals to 5.6 kilometers long and with the width of one mile.

mare-island-spirit-shipThe mare island was the first U.S states naval shipyard on the west coast of Vallejo in California. The shipyard base was used as a submarine port and was also used to control the shipbuilding efforts on the west coast during the tragic incident of World War 2. The base was closed in the year 1996 but currently it is undergoing restoration process of its buildings as it was shut down. This significant place has been a National Historic Landmark since 1975 and it has also been listed as a California State landmark and as well as it consists of several individual building on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. During World War 1 and 2, the shipyard saw and experienced its greatest and memorable devastating amount of action which is now been remembered all over the world in the history. During the World War 2 the shipyard had employed around 50,000 employees and workers which would work on the building, its repairing, overhauling and even on the completion and the maintenance on the submarines and surface vessels which were being used at that time of the era. The shipyard was also responsible for the construction of more than 300 landing craft equipment.

mare base in world warThe Mare Island Naval Shipyard was separated by the Napa River which goes through the Mare Island Strait and separates it from the main portion of the city of Vallejo in California. The mare Island is access by State Route 37 on its north side as well as interstate 80 via the Mare Island Causeway and Tennessee street which itself is a designated route to travel along.

Vallejo-Mare_Island_Naval_Shipyard-BuildingThe first installation of the shipyard on the west coast earlier which is now closed and has been seen all of its positive and negative situations from the canvas to coal to oil to nuclear power. This yard even has sailing ships to the accommodation of steamers to nuclear powered submarines. This Island has played an important role in American naval and Vallejo history of wars and naval. According to the legend and the historical stories, the island once was also known as Isla Plana and got its current name from General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo himself.

st. peter chapelA highlight of the historical Mare Island is the St. Peters Chapel which is the Navy’s first interdenominational chapel. It was built at a cost of 5000 dollars and it held its first service to the visitors as on October 6th, 1901. It is one of the oldest naval chapel in the pacific region. Designed by Tiffany Studios, the chapel has bronze wall plaques and hand carved wood tablets in the ceiling whereas the true jewels of this chapel are its 29 stained glass windows add on to the attraction of the chapel out of which 16 windows were produced and signed by the studio. These priceless windows represent one of the finest and beautiful collections of transparent and translucent glass under one roof which is very rare to find in the entire world. The Mare Island Historic Park Foundation offers 2 hours of tour of the Mare Island where St. Peter’s Chapel is available to the people for wedding. These are the two historical mansions on officer’s row.

USS drum The USS Drum can be termed as an attractive tourist attraction for Mare Island if the project gets approved by the local officials as the drum was the last ship built at the former naval shipyard and if the cold war USS drum nuclear submarine would be docked along the Mare Island shore then thousands of tourists will be flocking around this attraction. With the presence of drum in Vallejo there would be a unique sight since no other city would be able to boast possession of the nuclear powered submarine which is already present in here and even the tourists would get a chance to visit the restaurants and other fascinating areas in Vallejo which are related to the submarine. Drums would help the city of Vallejo more than a place of tourism and attract tourists to pass through the place but it would let the bureau currently market the city as a gateway for tourists and let them explore the place on their way to Napa valley or San Francisco. The museum is an attractive amazing piece of art which can be ever constructed to attract tourists towards it. Many of the tourists are confused so as to where this place can lead them too because it is place which has its roots from the World War 1 and 2 and it’s played a very important role in the wars to save and safeguard the warriors and soldiers during the warfare.

USS Drum

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