Land of Turin

Land of Turin

Turin is one of the finest and culturally rich cities of Italy. The city is located very near to the French border and is located in the northwestern part of Italy. The city has a long standing history and a very rich cultural. The city is very well known for being the home of the royal family of Italy. The city also hosted the 2006 winter Olympics in a very successful manner. The city has a population of about 900,000 according to 2012 estimates. The city is situated at a height of approximately 239 meters above sea level. It is situated in the piedmont region of Italy.

History of Turin

As most of us might have heard the name Turin quite a few times when we were being taught our history lessons in school, we get to know that Turin has a very rich history. In early 19th century the French annexed the whole of piedmont region along with Turin. Sardinia-Piedmont was responsible for heading the charge of unifying Italy and in the year 1865. It was later on that the capital was changed from Turin to Florence and then to Rome. Even during historic times Turin was an important communication node between Italy and France.


Turin is located in a humid subtropical climate zone. The average temperature during the hottest month of June is around 27 degree Celsius and the coldest month in Turin is usually January when the temperature usually falls below 0 degree Celsius. The location of the Alps also affects the weather of Turin. Turin is located on the east side of the Alps and this affects the weather of Turin. The time period of May to September can be considered the best time to visit Turin because the weather is quite comfortable and neither is the climate too hot nor too cold.

Tourist Attractions

The city of Turin has several tourist attractions because of its rich culture, heritage and history.


Turin is a city which is filled with different sorts of museums, here are a few of the most popular ones:

Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana

If you talk about Turin then you can never miss Mole Antonelliana. The building was completed in 1888. The building stands tall at a height of 167.5 meters. It can be regarded as the highest work of Masonry in Europe and currently the building contains one of the finest cinema museums of Europe.

This beautiful museum is a large museum having 5 floors and covering 3,200 square meters. The museum has a section called The Great Temple, where one can relax and enjoy some classic and wonderful Italian movies which are projected on giant overhead screens. Several items, artifacts, drawings and objects related to the rich and historic Italian cinema can be found in this museum.

Museo dell’Automobile

Museo dell'Automobile

The city of Turin is popular for different types of museums and amongst the long standing list of museums there is another museum called Museo dell’Automobile. Here one can find over 170 types of different motor vehicles from the historic 18th century carriages to modern F1 cars. The museum underwent a three renovation which has now made it one of the hottest places in the city. This is surely a unique and wonderful place which everyone tourist is suggested to visit.

Egyptian Museum


If you want to have a taste of Egyptian history and you want it right here in Turin then this is the place to go. The beautiful museum has several important and valuable Egyptian artifacts. The museum contains over 30,000 exhibits. It documents the rich history and ancient civilizations of Egypt using several objects relating to their respective eras. It is worth taking note that the museum is closed every Monday.


Apart from museums, Turin has several more things to offer to any average tourist and cathedrals are one of them.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

The cathedral is one of the most popular cathedrals in Turin and probably no tourist can afford the chance to miss this cathedral because it is home to the famous, Shroud of Turin. It is stored in a vault below the duomo. It is only displayed by papal decree and the last time it was shown was in 2013. The next time it is expected to be shown is in 2014-15.

Cathedral of Superga

Cathedral of Superga

The cathedral is situated in the top of the hill near Turin. The cathedral was built in thanksgiving for a victorious battle against the French. In 1949, a tragedy involving a plane a crash happened near this cathedral. The plane carrying the team of Turin’s local football club, Turin FC crashed near the Cathedral. If you want to enjoy a splendid view of Turin then visiting this Cathedral is highly suggested because there is no better place than the top of the hill, where the cathedral is located to view Turin. With the Alps in its background and a beautiful view of Turin, this cathedral is a must see for every tourist.

Usually people and tourists forget to think about Turin when planning their trip to Italy. Turin might not be as a popular a tourist destination as Rome or Florence but even then it is surely a place you must not miss.

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