Inspiring Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen look attractive and beautiful, then granite countertops is one of the best things that you can buy to make it look so. Granite countertops are a beautiful upgrade, that enhances the look in many homes, and there are multitude of reasons why you should go for granite countertops, and not some random countertop, made from natural stone materials.


Since, Granite is formed due to intense heat and pressure at the Earth’s core, it instantly becomes very tough. Due to this intense process of formation that the granite has to go through, it is resistant to many things, which might cause detrimental effects on countertops made from other materials. For instance, if you spill a tough chemical or if you keep a hot pot of water on the granite countertop, then that will not burn or scratch the material, which just goes on to mean that Granite countertops will not lose its class even when regularly used. In fact, granite countertops are great when it comes to houses which has small children who might scratch the surface or can even spill.


Not only due to the durability of the granite countertops, but also for the reason that, Granite countertops look amazing when installed in a kitchen. Granite has a vast range of styles and colors, and offers a very distinctive look because of the speckling on the body of the granite. Most importantly, other types of materials, can trap bacteria, and its is really very unsafe to install those materials in your kitchen. But, granite due to its unique surface, will not trap bacteria, and it is really easy to wash and clean the area. Sanitizing your kitchen is a big concern, and granite is just the right material for that.


Now, if you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen, by installing a granite countertop, then below are some of the options that you will find worth looking out for.


Black Galaxy


As the name suggests, it is a darker variant of Granite. Therefore, it goes well with kitchen which has a lighter background. Mined in the indian subcontinents, this is one of the most used granite countertops for lighter background kitchens. Since, it has also got yellowish tints within the black base, it also looks great when lights are on.




If you are fan of Autumn, then you would like the Mascarello Granite Countertops. They are great for people who like a midway color combination. These countertops has tints of black and yellow all over with a light background. These would go well with both darker and light background kitchens.


Juparana Delicatus


Juparana Delicatus is a very unique granite type, where, the background is completely white, or a hue of white, and there are specks of black and brown all over it, which looks great when, installed with hardwood flooring.


Bordeaux Dream Granite


Mined in brazil, bordeaux dream granite comes with a mixture of russet veins and a wonderful slate. Since, they are darker in color, they pair well with a lighter variant of kitchen background. But, they are not limited to lighter colors, but they also do pair well with dark colors like, black or brown cabinets.


Granite Countertops are a long lasting addition to any of your spaces. Therefore, you should buy it from a trusted stone company. Tristate Stone is a natural stone company, which services in New York, New Jersey, Pennyselvania. Tristate also imports marble and granite and other stones on customer’s request. Call them to get a quote for your countertop.

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