The home of Insurance institution – Lloyd’s Building, London

The home of Insurance institution – Lloyd’s Building, London


The Lloyd’s building, sometimes known as the Inside-out building is a great illustration of the radical Bowellism architecture, according to which the building is provided with the services like ducts and lifts in the exterior that enlarges the space in the interior. The building has its name from Edward Ll0yd who founded a coffee shop at this location in 1688, where the maritime insurance was conducted.

The architecture of the building was designed by the architect Richard Rogers and it took eight years to build the 33,510 square meters of concrete, 30,000 square meters of stainless steel cladding and 12,000 square meters of glass was used as a material in its construction.

This internationally renowned building is also the home of insurance institution Lloyd’s of London. After 25 years of its completion in 1986, it became the youngest structure ever to receive the Grade I listing in 2011 and also referred by English Heritage as “globally distinguished as one of the key buildings of modern epoch”.



The building is situated on the prior site of East India House in Lime Street near Leadenhall Street in London’s financial district.

Coming to the center of the building, there lye a chamber having 14 floors and 76 meters in height. At the ground floor of this chamber, one can see the Lutine Bell, which is reclaimed from the French frigate La Lutine . There is a norm behind the ringing of bell, it is rung once for every good news that comes and is rung twice for every bad news. When one reaches inside the glass and steel, he can find an unexpected treasure that is the classical Italianate wood-paneled Adam room, designed by Robert Adam in 1763. The building is having seven storeys on the south elevation to a series of terraces on its north side. The architecture emits a glow which can be easily visible from the exterior and also the building looks more extravagant even at night.


The building’s spectacular design has given it numerous awards, and some of them are Civic Trust Award, Concrete Society Commendation and Financial Times Architecture at work award and also the most honorable RIBA award in 1988 notifying its success and fame. Its windows have triple layered solar control glass with airing craters helping the artificial light to refract back in the interior. Also the building is incorporated with 1400 kilometers window gasket seals and ducts and pipes of 80 kilometers. The building’s underwriting area is 19,000 square meters. The mind-blowing rostrum on the ground floor which houses the popular “Lutine Bell” is fashioned from mahogany and was redesigned to the current building by Sir Thomas Edwin Cooper. The total cost of completion of the building was around 75,000,000 euros.

Awards and achievements


Lloyd’s building was opened by Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh on November, 1986. All the awe-inspiring features have made this spectacular architecture to be one of the finest examples of British High-Tech architecture and also have been referred as a mechanical cathedral. The building was also bestowed as the Eternit 8th International Prize for Architecture and also won the PA Award for Innovation in Building Design and Construction in 1988.

The building is also attracted by its multi-storey, free-standing escalator within its atrium and also its mechanisms are bared and punctuated in yellow. Its atrium has also quite influenced by the Crystal Palace designed by Joseph Paxton in 1851.

A few great awards are too added in its list and one of them is the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence.


Attractions near the building

This fabulous building is surrounded by many attractive places to visit and entertain. A few of them are –

  1. LeadenHall Market

A splendid market with a variety products including great fashions and accessories at genuine prices is located between Leadenhall Street, Gracechurch Street and Lime Street. One can also enjoy the city food and drinks with shopping experience and can also entertain himself with the beautiful infrastructure and artistry. An event named St. George’s Day is being organized at the place on 23 April, 2014. This event comprises of a breath taking performance by the Morris dancers and other fine English traditions.

The market also has an eye catching architecture resembling that of the  Victoria’s with beautifully painted wrought iron beams. The place is a complete filming location for all kinds of productions.

2. Old operating theatre museum and Herb Garret

A great theatre museum which is the oldest in Europe and discovered in a unique space in the Herb Garret of St. Thomas Church, is one of the most unusual museums in London. It is a 300 year old herb garret house with wooden operating tables and stands for observation from which observer witnesses surgery that is performed before anesthesia.

3. Fashion and Textile museum

This museum is a center of contemporary fashion, textiles and jewelry of London. It not only exhibits various beautiful exhibitions showcasing the elements of fashion, textiles and jewelries but also executes courses where students can enroll and learn to be more creative and innovative, hence making an inspiration for the new generation who are inclined towards this field and want to have a good network in the market.


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