The Historic City of Quebec-Canada

The Historic City of Quebec-Canada

The second most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec after the city of Montreal is Quebec City. With a population of about 5 Lakh odd people, this city is a great mixture of modern metropolis and ancient architecture, with an equal blend of both, giving it an unique texture only home to this city. This unique architectural mixture is talked about by the people of Quebec City and they take immense pride in talking about it. The Old Quebec part of the city is well known for its architecture and it was declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 1985, giving it the title “Historic District of Old Quebec”. Though it is called as the Quebec City by many people, this city is commonly known as Quebec and only due to the fact that the province has the same name as that of the city, the term Quebec City is often referred to.


The city is located in the valley of the River Saint Lawrence and it is near the mouth end of the River St. Charles. Due to the above mentioned demographics, the region is laid low towards the land in terms of the sea level measurement and the land is flat as well, which helps in agriculture to a great extent. The area is extremely fertile and it is said that the soil in the area is the most arable and cultivable as well. The glorious mountains of Laurentia are located north of the city and it is a major place. The climate of Quebec City is said to be Humid Continental and this sets tone for the four major seasons that prevails in the city. As a matter of fact, the temperatures in the city can go as low as -18°C which tampers the day to day life in the city. There is also the condition that hits the country known as the “Indian Summer” where the heat wave takes a toll on the people. Apart from these two phenomenon, the temperature in the city is pretty much normal and enjoyable.


The city is majorly dominated by French speakers, though French and English are two major languages that are accepted by the government. The French people are Francophone and the English speaking people are called Anglophone. Though divided by language, the people from both Anglophone and Francophone come together for the Quebec Winter Carnival, which is an important carnival that occurs in the city. The major religion that is followed in the city is Christianity. With about 90% of the people in Quebec City following Roman Catholic, there are other religions such as Muslim, Jewish and Protestant which are followed.


The major jobs that are done by the people in Quebec City are Services, Commerce, Defence and Public Administration to name a few. The other main occupations that form a major part of employment among the employees are paper and pulp manufacture and the commerce sector. Insurance is a major sector that the people of Quebec City focus and fly high on. The city is also home to some of the gaming giants’ headquarters like the Ubisoft.

The architecture in the city is one that people talk of and it is home to some of the world’s most famous structures such as the Place Royals and the Vieux-Quebec. The stone filled walls are a great sight to watch and there are a lot of good restaurants and food stalls adding to the beauty of the city. To get to the downtown, there are two gates, namely the Porte St-Louis and Porte St-Jean. The Quebec City shore is quite a sight to watch and with the beautiful skyline of the city adding to its beauty, a walk along the shore is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city. The upper part of the town is home to the churches such as Notre-Dame-des-Victoire and the Museum of Civilization, which is home to some of the artefacts ageing back centuries. The lower part of the town is home to wonderful street designs and original architectures as well. The Chateau Frontenac Hotel is one of the most important hotels in the city, and the enormous structure of the hotel dominates the skyline. It is said that this hotel was built for the Canadian Pacific Railway company, to encourage people to come into the city more for the purpose of gaining commerce through travel and tourism.


The culture of Quebec City is much reckoned for and the festivals such as the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day and the summer music festival are pretty famous with local people and travellers as well. The famous places of tourist importance near the city are the Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resort, the Ice Hotel, the Montmorency Falls and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre to name a few. Out of these, the Ice Hotel is pretty much famous around the world and this city gets a lot of tourist attraction just for the single structure. The sporting facilities that dominate the city are mostly winter related sports such as skiing and ice hockey, as the city experiences a lot of snowfall and has a low temperature. Other popular sports are Basketball and Baseball.


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