The Grandeur of a Mosque-Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

The Grandeur of a Mosque-Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Built in the ever improving city of Dubai, the Jumeirah mosque is regarded as one of the finest piece of architectural excellence in the world. The mosque is built on traditional relics following the medieval Fatimid routines and in doing so, the architects and the builders have achieved excellence in bringing out the craftsmanship with some of the most modern materials of construction. The very looks of the mall makes it one of the most visited mosques by tourists and locals alike. There is also the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding which provides regular visits for non-Muslims to visit the mosque so that people who are not Islamic by birth also understand the cultural aspect and have a first-hand insight into the Islamic religion.



In bringing the nationality together, the Open Doors and Open Minds policy tours are arranged by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which is popularly known as the Jumeirah Mosque Tours. It is rather a surprising fact in the Mosque that photography is allowed inside the Mosque, unlike other mosques. The tour gives a brief insight about the rich cultural heritage and the very architecture of the mosque intrigues the visitors’ brain. At the end of the tour is a question and answer session wherein all the doubts of the visitors are cleared. These tours are conducted every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10 am. The only criteria for the people attending the tour is that the person taking part in the tour must be of age greater than 5. The fee for the tour is kept at a nominal rate of 10 United Arab Emirates Dirham per person. The time taken for each tour is about 75 minutes.

The mosque provides a great sense of calmness and peace of mind for its visitors. Kept out from the fast moving world where honking cars and the hot sun burn the day, the green carpet of the mosque provides peace of mind to the people who go there to offer their prayer. The prayer hall of the mosque is said to be one of the biggest in the world with a capacity to hold more than 1300 devotees. Constructed in the form known as the hypostyle, the huge roof of the mosque is held together by the columns. There is also the Qiblah wall, which stands right in front of the entrance, which faces the direction of Ka’aba. Located right at the centre of the mosque is the Mihrab, which is the place where the imam offers five daily prayers to the holy lord.


There are no pictures as such to be worshipped as Jumeirah mosque Islam is forbid to worship any such idols except for plants. But the mosque is beautifully decorated with ancient Arabic calligraphy and Ornamental patterns which are designed by some of the best designers in the world keeping in mind the Islamic aesthetics. There is also the Wudu’ that has to be performed by every single person before entering the mosque. Wudu’ is performed in a sequential manner by cleaning the right and the left hands first and then the mouth followed by the face, the arms (right and then left), and then the head, the ears and to finish it off, the right and the left foot respectively. The procedure is repeated for three times in all the parts, except for the head and the ears.

The history of Jumeirah dates back to the early 60’s. Jumeirah referred to the people in Dubai who formed a prominent part of Pearl divers, fishermen and traders. But after the advent of oil industries in Dubai, the area grew in popularity and with the advent of western civilization in Dubai, Jumeirah became a landmark part of the city. The Jumeirah part of the city has gained immense popularity since then and it has been a part of all major establishments in Dubai.



Mosques around the world have always intrigued the way people worship the holy lord. Especially in a religion like Islam where prayer is of utmost importance to one and all who follow the religion. The huge curved tombs around the world have been a part of the traditional Islam way of building since time forgotten. The tomb in the Dubai mosque is no exception in any way and it is considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Carved entirely out of pure white marble, it is regarded as one of the toughest pieces of architecture to be brought to life, and that too in this humongous scale.

Before visiting the mosque, there are some general instructions that a person must know. Located in the beach area near the up-market, the Jumeirah mosque stands tall among the other structures. The dress code for the mosque is as follows-Ladies have to cover themselves entirely and the rule says that ladies need to cover their heads as well with either a scarf or a hat. And for the men, a T-shirt or a Shirt would just do the job. One of the main rules that has to be followed by both the genders alike is taking off the shoes, which is a rule that is followed in all the mosques around the world.



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