Grand Bazaar, Turkey: The World’s Hub Of Trade

GRAND BAZAAR  covered market, grand bazaar  

Grand bazaar is a shopping world within itself. Centuries ago, grand bazaar was created after sultan Mehmet II had an edifice erected devoted to the trading of textiles. Grand bazaar is the world’s largest covered markets. Grand bazaar is located in the district of Fatih, city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Being the world’s first shopping malls and the largest covered markets, grand bazaar raised its name in the hub of trade and commerce. Grand bazaar with its more than 3000 covered shops and more than 60 lanes is famous for the items like the traditional furnitures, antique jewelry, Turkish carpets, leather goods, lanterns, clothings, antiques, belly dancing costumes, copperware, handbags, briefcases, ceramic objects and souveniers and silverware. The culture of old traditional Istanbul and turkey clearly reflects in all the shops through their collection. With so many shops under one roof selling the same stuff, bargaining is a pretty common practice here. If your deal is not settling in, you can always try other shops around, as there is no limitation of the shops and products in the whole of grand bazaar. So, one must brush- up their bargaining skill for the best deal in grand bazaar.

grand bazaar, istanbul

In grand bazaar you can find everything of Turkish origin giving you a natural feel of you being in turkey. With its beautiful features like tiled arches and other beautiful decorative touch ups all around the bazaar, it distinguishes it from other such markets. Grand bazaar being so huge and large is organized nicely for the comfortable shopping experience. Though  Grand bazaar has many gates, there are four main gates and shops are arranges according to their wares, like all jeweler’s together, all leather shops together, all carpet and furniture shops together and names of the street are also according to the products the streets are selling.

The speciallity of grand bazaar is for selling the beautiful ancient stuff like carpets, ceramics etc. The specaility of beautiful carpets and kilims are that they were a part of Turkish nomadic household thousand years ago, the beautiful design on the carpets too reminds you of the famous cartoon Aladin, which featured the ancient life in turkey and Istanbul.lanterns and carpets, grand bazaar

Turkey has been famous for its colored tileworks since 16th centuary and hence the ceramic itmes like bowl, excellent plates, tiles etc are very famous in grand bazaar and its beauty attracts many tourists to shop those ceramic stuff having its ancient importance and for its uniqueness.

ceramics at grand bazaar

Grand bazaar is also famous for its Turkish designs in jewelry for its big, bold and old designs. Necklaces, brooches, belts etc are finer and have more delicate work. Brassware and copperware in grand bazaar are beautiful, attractive, decorative and inexpensive showcasing the origin and ancient designs.

Kilims is another traditional ancient product of turkey available in grand bazaar, kilim is a woolen mat without a nap like in a carpet. The earthly colors and bold designs of kilims are valued very much in turkey. Kilim is known as Turkish hallmark and is considered as inferior to carpets. In ancient times it was much cheaper than the carpets but now in today’s times its value has increased and is priced accordingly.

kilims and carpets, grand istanbul

Other interesting novel items available in grand bazaar are leather apparels, meerschaum, it’s a soft white stone carved beautifully into smoking pipes and cigarrete holders and also used in making necklaces and brooches, it has different uses according to the purpose. Nazar bonjuks is the other interesting thing in the market of grand bazaar, known as Turkish evil eye beads it has a traditional value and significance, a beautifully handcrafted item is known to keep the bad evils away and people wear them for good luck. People keep them in houses, cars etc.

evil eye beads

With the glance of such shopping items and the glossy tomes of grand bazaar, you will be lost in this grand liveliest market of turkey. The tiles,glasses, carvings and the beautiful tomes makes it more attractive. And since it’s the ancient of all it has more stories to tell with the significance importance of history. Grand bazaar has survived many earthquakes and fires over the centuries and has still stood strong and vibrating enough attracting lakhs of people and tourist everyday. Along with the shops, grand bazaar also has a police station, mosques, post-offices, banks etc. With such huge market for shopping which will take almost a day to finish, there are many restaurants and cafes available for the refreshment of the people. Grand bazaar thus becomes a perfect spot for business meetings and a meeting joint as it has all facilities. Though there are many things to add in grand bazaar just to enhance its beauty and significance more, a restoration project was done to renew its infrastructure and solve other problems of heating and lighting systems and thus to make it more strong to overcome any future calamities and to shine for years and years.

Grand bazaar is open on all days except for Sunday and other few holidays from 9 am to 7pm. Grand bazaar is easily accessible from Istanbul through private vehicles or trams. No trip to Istanbul is complete without a visit to one of the world’s heritage and world’s largest market, grand bazaar!

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