Experiences That Count: Europe by Eurail

Experiences That Count: Europe by Eurail

A trip via tracks, through the most breathtaking scenic beauties along the way, Eurail allows its travelers to travel across Europe at their own pace and comfort. Eurail is a group, consisting of a group of 30 European railways providing a network of trains that covers up to 27 European countries which include France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece. Started way back in 1959, the Eurail provides budget travel to people who come to explore the vast Europe but don’t know where to begin. It offers a complete list of passes as per the selected destinations to various countries across Europe. Usually they tend to be point to point between two countries but the passes are also available for 3 to 4 countries or a global pass covering 24 countries over the journey.




Over 40 million visit this beautiful country every year. A country offering the greatest number of world heritage sites, Italy is a place that cannot be missed on a trip to Europe. Here the ‘City of Water’ as Venice is called waits to amaze you with its unbelievable architecture. The jewel of water cities, it forms a hotspot for tourist in Italy. The Colosseum in capital city Rome is another attraction in Italy, reviving the history through its majestic architecture. Built in 72 AD it retains its charm and magnificence till date. With the Eurail you can get 10 days of unlimited travel on the national rail network of Italy over two months time.




To begin with Greece, one of the top tourist sites that lies here is the cosmopolitan town of Mykonos. The narrow streets with white-washed houses, the sandy beaches and a lively place at night all in one are here at Mykonos. Santorini is another destination in Greece that draws crowd in large number to this volcano island that dazzles in different yet dramatic shades of sunset. Journey through Greece is incomplete without visiting Athens. The Parthenon that stands at the top of Acropolis, was built in 432 BC, is a remarkable example of the Greek architecture, and continues to attract tourist from all over the world. There is a choice of 10 days of unlimited train within a month period to Greece.




A combination of breathtaking beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage, beaches and cliffs all in one, France is one of the favorites among tourist. With 83 million tourist alone in 2012, it has become a popular tourist destination. Paris being the most visited city in the world displays with pride one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Eiffel Tower. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is one of the most beautiful villages in France built on the platforms of hundreds of meters up the side of a limestone cliff. The Loire Valley, famous for  its vineyards displays a breathtaking beauty of, spanned across a large 280 kilometers.



Stitched Panorama

Spain has a variety to offer to its tourist with exotic beaches, islands, monuments, churches and even running of the Bulls to the adventure seekers. The most visited places include Alhambra. On a plateau in the city of Granada lies this beautiful palace that was built long ago in 14th century. The Mezquita of Cordoba is another fascinating building with its arches and pillars. A Roman Catholic church , Sangrada Fimilia is another tourist attraction, with its construction being started in 1882 and still going on. Spain also offers one of the best beaches in Europe that is La Concha in San Sebastian.




The collection of fortresses and castles in Romania illustrates its rich heritage. The huge castles basically built for protection from invaders, from 14th to 18th century still stand tall and majestic. The Bran Castle in Transylvania – Central Romania, is a gigantic castle built on a hilltop of 200 foot long rock, carries the mystical stories of the famous Dracula. The Corvinesti Castle Central Romania is another such wondrous castle with beautiful courtyards and marvelous architecture. Also famous for its churches Romania resides Biertan Fortified Church, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites featuring marvelous architecture.




Poland has a chaotic past but despite that it is a place that is rich historically and culturally. Visiting Poland seems as if you are drawn back as you see its historic treasures intact in time. The Baltic Sea in Gdynia, offers a breathtaking view as the cliffs and the beaches lay in parallel, complementing each other. The Malbork Castle of Malbork is a feast to the eyes and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Ostróda-Elbląg Canal offers a beautiful scenic view and one of the best waterways in Europe.




The Frauenkirche church in Dresdan is one of the tourist hotspots in Germany. Berlin, the capital city of Germany is one of the most fascinating capital cities in Europe. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin is something that cannot be missed.  Another famous tourist spot is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bravaria, which became an inspiration to the sleeping beauty castles in Disneyland.

Eurail offers a convenient way to visit your favorite holiday destinations all in a span of time and at their own pace. Plying from country to country across Europe, it has not only made travel easier but also brought these countries in a close connected bundle of hotspots.

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