Empire State Building- The Desire of Man To Reach Zenith

Empire State Building- The Desire of Man To Reach Zenith

The empire state building is a 103 floors skyscraper (a tall commercial building) in New York city of USA. Its height is 1,250 feet (381 meters), and 1,454 feet (443.2 m) high including antenna .The name empire state is taken from the city name new york( the empire state) the nickname of the city.it stood as the world tallest building for 40 years from 1931 to 1970 after the construction of world trade centre. Which was attacked and destroyed by a terrorist group in  September 11 , 2001.now empire state building become tallest building  again in new york city until One world trade centre reach a tallest height on 30 April 2012.the empire state building is now the fourth tallest skyscraper in USA after One world trade centre, Wills tower, Trumph international hotel. The empire state building is the 23rd tallest building in world ( Burj khalifa in Dubai is the tallest)










The empire state building is thought as a America culture icon. It is designed in art deco style, and named as seven wonders of the modern world by the American society of civil engineers.   It is the no1 favourite Architecture  in America according to AIA . The Empire State Building was designed by architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon and the designer was  William F. Lamb . Lamb produced the architectural drawing of building in just two weeks by using the earlier knowledge of designing for the Reynolds Building in Winston-Salem ,North Caroline . Every year the staff of the Empire State Building pay homage to its role in construction of empire state building by sending a father day card to staff at the Reynold building in WINSTON-SALEM. The contractor of building construction were  The Starrett Brothers and Eken and this dream project was financed by  John J. Raskob and Pierre S. du Pont . The construction company was owned by  Alfred E. Smith, a Governor of New York and building material supplied by James Farley’s General Builders Supply Corporation .








Excavation on the site was started on 22 January 1930nd construction on the building started on 17 march .This project   involve 3,400 workers in which most were immigrants from Europe along with 100 of Mohawk iron workers. According to official account 5 workers died accidently during work. During the time of construction there was an intense competition of making the world tallest building. Two other building were also in the race of tallest building naming , 40 Wall Street and the Chrysler Building , each of this two building held title for less than a year and after the completion of Empire state it took the crown. The construction took 410 days instead of taking 18 month it completed in 15 month. The Empire state building opened on  May 1, 1931 by president of America at that time  Herbert Hoover by turning on the light of building. the building is completed in one year and 45 days.








The Empire state building was the first building in world history to have 102 floor including a 62  metre pinnacle. Its full height reaches 442.09 metre. The building has 85 floors of commercial and office use ,with an outdoor observation deck on 86th floor. The remaining 12 floors are art-deco tower , covered by a 102th floor of observatory .Atop it consist of a pinnacle consisting of broadcasting tower and a light rod. Building has 6,500 windows and 73 elevators(64 elevators are located in centre core and remaining are service elevators) with 1,860 stairs from ground .It takes less than a min to go to 85th floor. The total floor area of Empire state building  is 2,768,591 sq. ft (257,211 m2), and the base  2 acres (8,094 m2). The building have 1,000 businesses and has its own Zip code 10118. According to 2007 record, the building has 21,000 employ making the Empire building as the second largest office after pentagon.








The building has 113 km of pipe, 760,000 m of electric wire, it is heated by low pressure steam and require a 12 k.pa. of steam pressure to do so. The Empire state building has one of the most beautiful outdoor view from its deck at 86th floor. Its deck offers a 360 degree view of the outer world. There is a second observation floor at the 102th floor which was closed after 1999 and reopened in 2005. The empire state building make more money from tickets for observatory deck than rents from the office.

In 1964 flood lights were added to decorate the building and special colors are chosen according to festivals and events. after the eightieth birthday of Frank Sinatra the building was illuminated with blue light to represent the singer nickname where at the death of actress  Fay Wray (King Kong) the building change to complete darkness for 15 min .The flood light illuminate the building in to red , blue, after the attack at world trade centre. During 2012 the building metal halide lamps was replaced by  led lights.

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