Egypt – The Land of Pharaos

Egypt – The Land of Pharaos

Thriving along the banks of the majestic Nile, with the remains of its glorifying history, standing upright under the hot sun, Egypt presents one of the most stunning architectures in the vast stretches of its sands. The monuments dating back to thousands of years still hold the esteem and aura of the ancient Egypt. Tour to the land of Pharos and witness the everlasting realm.



Giza is the largest city in Egypt and is located right on the banks of river Nile. The city is one of the popular tourist attractions in Egypt because of its world famous Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. These impressive structures built out of blocks of large rocks are considered as architectural masterpieces. Giza is located in the capital city of Cairo, about 18 km away, across river Nile. One can stay at Cairo, for easy access to all the sites and attractions but even Giza has facilities for good hotels.  Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx is one of the few best hotels located at the foot of Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. Excellent services with good food and accommodation, this hotel is just 35 km from Cairo International Airport. There is an open-air restaurant, outdoor pool, lush green gardens. One can even choose specific rooms with the window view of the Pyramids. Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa is another good hotel to check in.

Abu Simbel


Abu Simbel is one of the finest examples of the marvelous architectures of early Egypt. It comprises of two massive rocks cut and carved out of the mountains side into twin temples. Built in 13th century BC, it dates back to the oldest monuments of the time and one of the top tourist attractions. Initially built on the banks of Lake Nasser, the complex was to a new site situated on an artificial hill made above Aswan High Dam to avoid it getting submerged in the lake. It is believed the axis of the temple was the ancient architects such that the rays of the sun would pass through the sanctuary and illuminate the sculptures at the back of the wall. People gather in large number to witness this fascinating phenomenon on October 21 and February 21. Seti Abu Simbal lake Resort is one of the good hotels you will find in the middle of the dessert. With a beautiful view of Lake Nasser, easy access to the Abu Simbel temples, swimming pools along with good food, this hotel offers a perfect place to check-in. The domestic airport of Abu Simbel is located some 3 kilometers from the town. There are flights from Aswan and Cairo to Abu Simbel several times a day also the airport has few international landing flights as well.



Karnak Temple (3)

Despite what remains of Karnak are only ruins, it is still a famous attraction among tourists and historians. The temple was built over many generations of the ancient Egyptian era and is the largest religious site ever built. It comprises of three main temples along with other small temples located about 2.5 kilometers to the North of Luxor. The most famous structures at Karnak is the Hypostyle Hall with a hall area of 5000 square meters and 132 massive columns in 16 rows. There are various options to reach Karnak. You can take a bus or a private taxi from Cairo to Luxor. There are domestic flights as well otherwise air-conditioned train is the most comfortable way.


Sailing the Nile


The Nile has been the backbone of Egypt since the ancient times. It is one of the ways to get past the history of Egypt while drifting along the river. Tourists have various options to choose between the cruises according to their convenience and comfort. Felluccas are up for the sail at minimal cost. The Sandals are larger with more comforts and convenient for a group of 8 people, providing 3 meals a day with shower and bath. Dahabiyas, on the other hand can accommodate 12 people with all the necessary comforts. The cruise will take you across various landmarks depicting rich cultural and historical heritage of the country, which include the Great Pyramids, the statue of the Sphinx, the coast of the Red Sea and other attractions.


Sinai Peninsula

coral reef

Known for the beautiful coral reefs, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Towards the southern tip of the peninsula, lies Ras Mohammed National Park, one of the best in Egypt. Due to its location it is surrounded by corals, making it an ideal location for scuba diving. Shark Reff and Yolanda Reef are the best spots for diving providing a spectacular view of the under-water world of the Red Sea. The Shark Reef gives you a glimpse of the grey reef sharks which gives the reef its name. Moving towards the Yolanda Reef, there is a conspicuous display of the variety of other species like Gigantic Tuna, Hammerheads, Sting Rays, Scorpion fish, Moray Eels etc. Scuba diving in Sinai is like witnessing a whole together new world under-water. To get to Sinai, one can take taxi from Cairo, even mini buses ply twice a week. The train service is also available from Cairo to Port-Said.


Valley of Kings & Valley of Queens

Egypt Unwrapped, Secrets of the Valley of the Kings

Valley of Kings is a valley near Luxor where tombs where constructed for kings and privileged nobles of the Egypt for over 500 years. The valley contains 63 tombs and over 120 chambers, varying from small pits to complex tombs. The royal tombs are beautifully decorated with various scenes from Egyptian mythologies, culture, rituals and beliefs.

The Valley of Queens are the resting grounds that were build for the wives of Pharaohs in ancient times. In olden times this place was also called Ta-Set-Neferu or the place of the Children of the Pharaoh as along with the queens; many prince and princesses were also buried here along with other nobility. This valley is located near the famous Valley of the Kings, on the western banks of river Nile in Luxor.

Egypt is built upon its source of life, that is river Nile. An old civilization that thrived on the waters of this majestic river has left some of the most fascinating ruins in history. Pay a visit to this desert and experience the oasis of rich cultural and historical past of this mystical country.


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