Daman is a part of India’s Union Territory which is known as Daman and Diu. Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, Daman is a less known tourist destination. The place reflects lots of Portugal culture and architecture as Daman was under Portugal for a long time from year 1539 to 1961. Since it is located on the western coast of India, it has a beautiful coastal region and thus marks as a picnic and tourist stop for people around Daman. Daman is more famous for its port and beaches. The calmness of the place along with the beautiful serene and beaches attracts lots of visitors looking for peace.

Daman is a place where u can stroll along the silvery beaches and can drink alcohol as it permitted and so can party all day and night Daman is divided into two parts by the Damanganga river. Nani Daman in the north and Moti Daman in the south are the two parts Daman is divided in. Both the places are connected with a bridge. Both Nani Daman and Moti Daman has many places to explore. There are many forts, churches and heritage structures of Portugal times.

The Sao Jeronimo Fort is the famous tourist spot of Daman. Standing tall and facing the Damanganga river, the place is the jewel of Daman.

forts in daman

Moti Daman fort, a most massive fort known for its ten bastions and two gateways, this fort is the heart of Moti daman and again a popular attraction for visitors and tourists. The fort includes a garden named Parola which is built in the memory of the Portuguese soldiers who died in the liberal of Dadar and Nagar haveli. The fort has great Portugal architecture to showcase.moti fort daman

Devka beach is another hotspot of Daman. Devka beach offers one a beautiful view of sun settling in the sparkling water. Located in Nani Daman, the beach has charmed its visitors its serene beauty.

devka beach stroll

11There are many beach side amusements for visitors specially for kids. The amusement park offers lots of rides, merry-go-rounds, restaurants, ice cream parlors etc. the multicolor fountain adds to the beauty of the park and the beach. A small walk along the beach can soothe the soul with a cool breeze and the calmness with a beautiful serene. There are many good hotels along the beachside.

devka beach

Church of Bom Jesus located in Moti Daman is an ancient church constructed centuries ago, the structure of the church is the perfect example for beautiful architectural skills and hard work of designers during those times when the place was under Portugal. The place is beautified with gold painted wooden altar, beautiful carvings, amazing doorways, rococo interiors, attractive ceilings and works in rosewood. With beautiful sculptures all around, one can’t stop praising the ancient church for its beauty.church of bom jesus

Jampore beach is another beach in the vicinity of Moti Daman. With casuarinas plantations all around the beach along with the soft sand, the serene of the beach is just pleasing. Jampore beach is safe for swimming and walking along the beach. The beach has a long stretch and is a perfect spot for weekend picnics or partying as drinks are not prohibited in all of Daman and its beaches.jampore beach

The town of Daman also has a port, located at the mouth of the Daman river. Alcohol from the port of daman comes duty free abd thus whole region of Daman enjoys the duty free drink. All because of the Portugal government, the alcohol comes duty free. Thus drinks are the most common things visitors buy or enjoy at the place.


Daman has a great history as the place is evolved with various civilizations. During the ancient period the place was under the Kushana emperors and during the medieval time the place was under the Chalukya’s rule. Later in the 15th century the place was under Portugal rule. Thus in Daman, the history still reflects with the architecture and forts and other culture.

There are many hotels all over Daman specially along the beaches of Devka and Jampore which provides accommodation. Cicade de Daman is the most famous hotel in whole Daman. It’s located on the shores of devka beach, Nani Daman. Other good hotels along the coast of Devka beach are Dairya Darshan hotel, The Deltin, The Gold Beach resort, Silver Sand beach resort, hotel ocean panaroma etc. there are many hotels near Jampore beach as well. Hotels like the emerald hotel, royal garden hotel, sagar sun hotel, sagar presidency etc. Daman provides excellent gujurati food and Portugal cuisine.

Daman is easily accessed by roads, airways and railways. Daman has a local airport in Nani Daman. The nearest railway station to Daman which connects through other train all over Gujarat and India is Vapi, Daman is around 12km away from Vapi and from the station any local buses, cars or rickshaws can take one to Daman. The roads from Mumbai to daman are excellent and provides a pleasurable journey. Daman is well connected by roads with a good system of roads.

People from nearby cities prefer Daman for a short weekend holidays, partying and for relaxing as there are many good hotels along with the beaches and cheaper alcohol.

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