Culture and Architecture: Centre Pompidou, Paris

Culture and Architecture: Centre Pompidou, Paris

centreParis has always been known for its culture and architectural heritage work. One of them is the Centre Georges Pompidou which is also known as the Pompidou Centre. It is a complex in the Beaubourg area of Paris in the 4th arrondissement which falls near les Halles, Rue Montorgueil and the Marais. This architecture was designed in the style of high tech architectural structure.

designDue to the location of the structure it is locally also known as Beaubourg. It is named after the President of France, Georges Pompidou but it was officially opened by President Valery Giscard d’Estaing on 31st January 1977. There have been more than 150 million visitors to the Centre Pompidou since 1977.

Centre PompidouThere is this sculpture which is placed horizontal by Alexander Calder in front of the Centre Pompidou permanently which is twenty five feet high and is placed by the architects Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. The construction of the glass and metal building in the centrally located Beaubourg was opposed and was into opposition by many people and the idea was even disliked as it was kind of an oil refinery in a historic district. But as the museum was inaugurated in 1977 it became an instantaneous hit and an instant success story. The original design had the capacity of accommodating 5,000 visitors per day but the Pompidou Centre has been welcoming almost over 25,000 visitors per day which makes it one of the best attraction and the most visited place in Paris.

centre-pompidou The French President wanted an ultra-contemporary artistic hub to be constructed in the heart of Paris and the two architects constructed it so beautifully inside out that the observers are still thrilled to admire it with utilitarian features such as plumbing pipes, air vents and electrical cables which makes the forming part of the external view of the sculpture. The pipes fussed and ducts are all color coded which represents blue for air, green for water, red for elevators, yellow for electricity, grey for corridors and white for the building itself. Freeing up the interior space for exhibitions and events to be held in here has made this phenomenon construction has amazed the visitors of Paris’ premier cultural Centre.

paris-museums-pompidouThe Centre Pompidou turns out be the home to the world’s most important museums of modern art, MNAM which contains a very popular library, a bookshop, a movie theater and a panoramic terrace which are the most famous attractions. Architecture comprises of a vast library for the public named Bibliotheque Publique d’information which is known as the public information library which takes up the first, second and the third floors. It is also known as Bpi which boosts a total collection of more than 4,50,000 books, 2,600 magazines and a large number of new media items are displayed in the library. Even there are cinemas and other entertainment venues located on the first floor and in the basement of the architecture and even there is presence of temporary exhibitions and information desks available.

ccThe fourth and the fifth floor consists of Musee National d’Art Morene which is the largest museum for modern art in the entire Europe which is situated in Paris. Around 65,000 and more works by 5,700 artists have been displayed in this museum which includes the work of the surrealists and cubists as well as pop art contemporary works are showcased in this museum. The work on the fourth floor id from the year 1905 to 1065 and even covers art movements such as fauvism, abstract art, surrealism and cubist art and the featured artists include Matisse, Kadinsky, Miro and Picasso. The fifth floor covers the work after the year 1965 which includes the pop art movement and the figurative art to it. The sixth floor has two galleries for chic exhibitions which would be held on temporary bases. There is a hyper industrial restaurant situated on the same floor named Georges which views the panoramic site of Paris and it is accessed by a free lift or elevator.centre-pompidou libraryThe museum in here has a great collection of Modern as well as contemporary art due to which it is well set out with works displayed in chronological order. They also have a great range of art form from all around the world and it is interesting to admire different styles which have been dominating in the different parts of the world. The museum has an overall and a very useful information on each art movement displayed and a handy overview.

IRCAM which is a Centre for music and acoustic research. Rooftop admission is included in museum and exhibition for which one has to buy a panorama ticket in order to land on the roof. The admissions and enter to the museum id free on the first Sunday of each month so it is obvious that the maximum number of visitors would be sighted on this Sundays.

cp mimecp fountain

Not only inside the Centre but even outside there is a lot to observe. On the west of the Centre nearby pedestrian streets there are attractions of buskers, musicians, jugglers and mime artists to entertain and attract the visitors. Whereas in the southern side of the Centre there is Igor Stravinsky which are the fanciful mechanical fountains of skeletons, hearts, treble clefs and a big pair of ruby red lips which have been created by the architects Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle.

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