The Classic Victorian City: Dunedin

The Classic Victorian City: Dunedin


Endless green pastures, serene landscapes, and awe inspiring biological diversity are some of the terms that rush in as soon as we get into talks of New Zealand, the marvel islands of the Pacific.

Located in the continent of Australia, New Zealand stands out as one of the most sought after travel destinations in the southern hemisphere. Its cities like Auckland and Wellington have been lauded amongst the top places in the world to live in. Amidst all this, there’s another place further down south that continues to hold its firm as the sublime bearer of the country’s cultural and geographical heritage, Dunedin.

Dunedin is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. Some of its prime attractions being the Larnach Castle, Baldwin Street and rookeries of Yellow Eyed Penguins. The nightlife also forms a significant feature in the stay schedule of tourists. You can plan a trip to the city any time you want. Fair weather prevails almost throughout the year.


How to reach Dunedin.


All major carriers operate in and out from the Dunedin International Airport. Flights from Auckland and Brisbane are available pretty frequently. The airport is situated about 20 miles from the city periphery. You’ll need to get a taxi on touchdown. And the airport terminal has them in plentiful. Taxis also happen to be the best way to maneuver around the city. The city bus service is also quick and efficient.



Dunedin Dunedin_Nz_Accommodation

Staying in Dunedin is cheap and finding that perfect hotel is easy. Most of them are clustered in the center of the city. Hotel St Clair and Kingsgate are a few prominent names.


Things to do in Dunedin


Larnach Castle


The only castle in the whole of Nz, the Larnach Castle is a piece of exemplary architecture and offers sensational views of the Otago bay. It opens for visitors at 9 in the morning every day. It is surrounded on all sides by beautiful gardens. The castle stands just a few minutes’ drive from the city. Accommodation facility is also available for those willing to spend an extra day or two at the castle.


Penguin Place


Not many cities in the world would offer encounters with penguins, and Dunedin is among the select few.  A 40 minute ride from the city would take you to their nesting grounds. Adults and juvenile yellow-eyed penguins along with plenty of seals can be observed as you are guided through a labyrinth of foxholes and trenches. The animals will barely know you are there and thus this presents an invaluable chance to see them live in a totally isolated habitat. The admission charge is only 50$ and you can get discounts if you visit with family. The place is well protected and the authorities take ample care of these flightless birds.  The collection revenue is further directed towards the species’ conservation.


The Haunted Northern Cemetery


With the ghastly stories about the souls resting in that burial ground, this place is sure to give you the chills. The cemetery is located near the botanical garden on Lovelock Avenue and draws great interest from the people who love to experience things. The tombs of William Larnach and Thomas Bracken are widely renowned.  Other famous burials made here were of World War soldiers in mid-20th century.


Dunedin Architecture


Modern or ancient, almost every structure in Dunedin has a touch of the Victorian era designing. The court buildings, polices stations and other government owned buildings are all reflectance of the glorious past of the city. Some of the most notable architectural hotspots are the Hocken Building, St Pauls Cathedral and factions of the Otago University. A visit to the Municipal Chambers is also highly advised.


Baldwin Street


This place holds the world record for being the steepest street anywhere in the world. With a gradient in excess of 19 degrees the houses that have been erected here seem jaw-droppingly misaligned. The place is situated on the northern descent of Signal hill and is about 2 miles away from the City Centre. Around the year, numerous frolicking competitions are held here in which people from all around come to participate.  If you visit Dunedin, you must definitely take yourself to walk the Baldwin Street.


Night Life


It is never a gloomy moment in Dunedin even post nightfall. The city is packed with bars and pubs all dancing to beats of some really groovy music.  And if you are one of those who like to put the odds at stake, Dunedin Casino is the place to be. Roulette, Black Jack, name any and the casino will have a table for you. The Octagon district of Dunedin is something classified entirely as an entertainment zone with a host of places to hang out at. You also may come across some of the finest alcoholic ecstasies that you’ll ever have the chance to indulge in.


Meridian Mall


No trip to nowhere is unabridged without going shopping. And you shall find everything that you may come to Dunedin’s Meridian Mall ferreting for. All major fashion brands boast an outlet here, and later on when you are famished, the sensational food court will let you have your favourite fill ranging from Chinese to India, and absolutely everything. The Meridian Mall is one not to be missed.

The southern hemisphere of Earth has some of the most exotic travel destinations that you shall ever get a chance to see, but Dunedin surely, is one off the charts. You’ve got to experience it.




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