City Palace, Udaipur: Palace of Royal Grandeur

City Palace, Udaipur: Palace of Royal Grandeur

city palace  city palace udaipur

A royal art and structure of marble and masonry is located in the city of Udaipur, in the Indian state of Rajashtan. It’s one of the largest palace complex in the romantic city of Udaipur and the roual state of Rajashtan. City palace, Rajput style of architecture was built by the Rajput kings over centuries ago. Moulded in the soft yellow stone, Udaipur’s most famous attraction, City palace is located on the northeast side of the pristine lake of pichola.

The palace is beautifully planned with the view of royally romantic lake Pichola, Jag mandir and Aravilli hills. City palace gets the splendor view of nature, with the harmonious combination of the lake, sun and ranges of Aravilli hills. Each corner of the place gives a perfect and passionate view for the eyesight. With the sun’s reflection on the crystal clear lake, the water dazzles like diamonds and the view just becomes royal in its own way.

The palace shines as the jewel in the crown of Udaipur, city which is known for its lakes and palaces. The grandeur palace od Udaipur, the City palace, is originally built by Maharana Udai Singh of the Sisodia Rajputs, after he moved from Chittor and later was expanded and developed under the succeeding Maharanas, who added many adjoining palaces and structures. The monument stands huge on the side of the lake and has beautiful features like balconies, cupolas, towers etc. from the outside and the interiors of the palace showcases it’s royalty with the use of marvelous marbles, colored glass, mirror works, fluted columns, wall paintings, silver doors, beautiful carvings and structures, inlay works and  decorative exquisite stuff. The design of the city palace is in such a way that, when looked at from the right angle, the beautiful precious gems, stones, glass and tiles will reflect on the lake, making the view more romantic and marvelous. City palace showcases the excellent example of the beauty of the architecture, featuring courtyards, terraces, pavilions, gardens, water fountains etc. each corner of the City palace is designed with complete royalness, which will treat the eyes with a great fascination. The architecture of the Udaipur City palace reflects a mixture of Rajasthan, Mughal, European and chinese influence.

balconiesof city palace

The famous structures inside the palace are interlinked with narrow corridors and chowks. The structure has many gates known as ‘Pols’. ‘Bara pol’ is the main gate to enter the palace complex, taking one to the courtyard first and on passing ‘bara pol’ one will come across the triple arched gate known as ‘Tripolia’ and across that comes the elephant gate known as ‘Hati pol’. Exquisite glass and mirrr work, royal paintings and furnitures and ornamental tile work fascinates eyesight. Different villas and mahals in the palace features different things, like Manak Mahal known as ruby palacefigures the beautiful and exclusive work of crystals and porcelain. Bhimvillas and Laxmi villas chowk features collection of miniature paintings with the real storied of Radha and Krishna. Krishna villas,  showcases the paintings featuring the royal festivals and events of the kings. Sheesh Mahal known as palace of mirrors, reflects the beauty of mirror work. Moti Mahal reflects the royal pearl décor. Dilkhush Mahal known as the palace of joy, showcases paintings on the wall and beauty of the mural. Chini Chitrashala, for it’s ornamental tiles. Bada Mahal  for it’s garden palace, showcasing a 90 feet high natural rock formation. Mor Chowk  is known for having exquisite mosaics of the national bird peacock. Royal Bhavan is known for its royal treasure. Amar Villas, the highest point of the palace having beautiful gardens and from where you get a picturesque panaromic view of the romantic lake Pichola along with the hills, the lake palace and Jag mandir. There are many temples in the city complex near the Rang bhavan. Thus , there are various villas and mahals comprising the city palace and each of them their own unique story to tell.

sheesh mahal

In later years by around 1974, to preserve and safeguard the cultural heritage, parts of city palace were converted as museums. Few parts of the palace including Zenana Mahal known as ladies chamber were open to public. The museum exhibits the royal paintings, portraits of maharaja’s , armory and weapons, clothes and other such things of the maharana’s of that time. Due to the museum the entry to the city palace costs Rs. 200 and the money is used for the preservation of the cultural heritage. Presently there are few shops opened in the city palace and few portions are serving as hotels.

The new attraction is the sound and light show which one should not miss while sightseeing the palace, the show highlights the history of Mewar with its various episodes. It takes place for limited time in the year, and thus its necessary to remove prior inquiry for the same.

sound and light show

City of palace is easily accessed by roadways, railways and airways from Udaipur airports and stations. From that cars, rickshaws and other private and public vehicles are easily available as it lies in the center of Udaipur.

The City palace thus attracts lots of tourist all over for its fascinating view and royal charm.night view of city palace

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