China – The Red Dragon of Asia

China – The Red Dragon of Asia


One of the greatest civilizations of all times, China is a country which in large parts has been an enigma to many around the world but today stands tallest among the greatest nations of the world. Endowed with the richest of all histories, science, intelligent citizens and immense potential China has been able to successfully preserve its historical identity, values, culture and belief system through the good and bad times. One of the largest countries in the world geographically and consisting of the largest population in the world, China is a history lovers paradise as well as for those who love the outdoors and culture. The country today has become an economic superpower re-confirming its status as the Red Dragon of Asia, a prestige it held during most parts of history alongside its southern Asian neighbors India. It is increasingly capturing the imaginations of travelers and people all around the globe who want to discover the essence of this wonderful nation which has grown leaps and bounds on its merit.


China has a history of civilization that goes back some 5000 years making one of the longest surviving historical legacies in the world. The journey of the nation till now has been full of upheavals, revolutions, massacres, golden periods and peace. The country which fascinated many a western travelers among them Marco Polo and Gottfried Leibnitz was connected to many major European civilization throughout its history through the famous Silk Route exchanging ideas, philosophies and goods. In ancient times one of the first dynasties to rule of the Yellow River belt known to be the “cradle of Chinese civilization” was the  Xia Dynasty which has been proclaimed that status in many chronicles though yet no solid proof has been surfaced in that regard. They were followed by the Shang and Zhou Dynasty ruled the Yellow River Basin, among them Zhou Dynasty was the most successful as it managed to reign supreme over the Chinese land for more than 800 years during which time its saw the birth of great Chinese thinkers such as Confucius, Mencius and Laozi who contributed immensely to Chinese thought and culture.


China was for the first time united in its history by the ‘First Emperor’ Qin Shi Huang who belonged to the Qin Dynasty; they were closely followed by the Han Dynasty who oversaw a period of centralized rule in China and the first golden period in its history. There two hundred and fifty year rule was followed by a period of political turmoil and that of the Three Kingdoms. Finally in 581, Sui reunited the land but was soon overthrown due to misgovernance which brought the Tang Dynasty to power who brought with themselves the second Golden Period of Chinese history. In the Middle Ages, China and with it Beijing got conquered by the Mongols under the Yuan Dynasty who ruled over their vast empire from South China Sea till Europe from Beijing. After that the next 700 years saw the rule of two prominent dynasties in the Ming and Qing Dynasty which led to widespread consolidation of Chinese culture, heritage and also addition of many great architectural marvels such as the Forbidden Palace and the Temple of Heaven. In the 20th century China went through two great revolutions in 1911 and 1949 which led to the establishment of republic in China and the abandonment of the Imperial rule.


China is a vast country which offers something new at every turn you take in the country, its diversity in land, climate and ethnicities will charm you like anything. Different parts of the country offer different forms of climatic conditions as well as terrain, one can find deserts, beaches, mountains and Arctic climates here. Getting into the country is not a hassle, one can chose multiple entry points into the country from Shanghai to Beijing, you can enter the country through you preferred destination. China is also connected to Europe through the Trans-Siberian Railways which connects Beijing to Moscow. Getting around the country should be a problem as the country is well connected through roadways, railways and airways also within a city you can easily get around in taxis, bicycles or buses.


China is in every sense a paradise, there is so much to discover in this vast country that one trip will never be enough to see of China, from the beautiful ancient cities such Beijing, Shanghai to the wonderful shoaling temples located in remote areas, from the gigantic Great Wall of China to the beautiful train journey from Beijing to Laos, Tibet there is a lot to explore. Having a great culture and history Chinese cities such as Beijing, Yangzhou and Nanjing give you a peek into the glorious imperial history of the land whereas cities like Guangzhou and Shanghai tell you the story of Chinese prosperity and economic might. The country has beautiful landscape to the west of its land, a dry desert in its heart, a basin of life in its North and the romance of the beach in its south offering everyone everything they seek from China – the Red Dragon of Asia is becoming the epicenter of the world once again.

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