Charming Countryside: Bibury, England

Charming Countryside: Bibury, England

Situated in Gloucestershire, England is the utterly charming Village of Bibury. This village has perfectly picture postcard qualities as it is tucked in the stunning and scenic countryside. The Cotswold cottages, the lush greenery, the bubbling waters of River Coln, all make Bibury an extremely picturesque place. In addition to this the history of the place can be traced as far back as 11th century and has many fascinating facets, not the least of which is the visually pleasing sites. All these come together to make Bibury a popular tourist attraction for those who want a rustic retreat, to get away from the hustle and bustle of city, or to visit a serene place situated in nature’s lap.


Bibury can be easily reached from London by means of bus, taxi, or private cars. If one wants to travel through railway then the nearest station to reach Bibury is that of Kemble, from where cabs are easily available to reach this Charming village.

Arlington Row

The most popular site within Bibury is perhaps the Arlington Row, which is said to be one of the most photographed sites in Cotswold owing to is charming and photogenic outlook. The Arlington Row is occupied by a row of cottages which were built as far back as 1380s. At that time it was employed as a monastic wool store. Later on in the 17th century it was turned into weaver’s cottages who worked in the Arlington Mill. Today these honey colored cottages serve as a favorite among travelers, giving all visitors a sense of having stepped into an era gone by. This place has also served as movie sets for such popular ones like Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Arlington Mill

The Arlington Mill in Bibury dates back to the 17th century when it operated as a cloth mill. This building fits right in with rest of the architecture of this village. The mill when it went out of function was converted into a museum, displaying the folk elements of the Cotswold countryside as well as housed an art gallery. Today it has become a private residence. But there are several historic homes still open for tourists where they can experience a truly rustic retreat.

Bibury Court

The Bibury Court is among the largest buildings that are found in this village. It was built in early 17th century around 1633. It has been renovated since then and currently the Court serves as a hotel. The Jacobean architectural influences, together with the stones and oak paneled rooms, the fire places all add a distinct charm to the Bibury Court. A stay in this place is a unique traveling experience in itself.

Holiday Cottages

It is by no means the only place in Bibury that provides accommodations to visitors in addition to providing a truly charming, fairy tale like rural set up. There are many Bed and Breakfasts, as well as Holiday cottages available around Bibury from which the visitors can take their pick. The Square, Lupin Cottage, Sykes Cottages are few of the cottages that date back to 16th or 17th centuries. Their stone facades and authentic rustic features make them a bonus for anyone visiting the countryside in Bibury. Besides this there is also the Bibury Court and Swan Hotel. Many pubs, Inns and Restaurants cater to visitors and serve all kinds of delicious cuisines.

Bibury Trout Farm

Bibury Trout Farm is a very popular tourist attraction in Bibury. It is one of the oldest such farms, as it was founded as far back as 1902. Though the farm is still operative, it also allows visitors. The birds that can be spotted here like ducks, geese, swan to name a few add to its attraction. People can buy fish food and feed them here, you can buy souvenirs from the gift shops here, you can also avail the fishing opportunities that are made available for visitors over here. Bibury also houses a National Trust Wildfowl Reserve. The water meadows and marshes around Bibury’s Rack Isle serve as the habitat of many different species of flora and fauna. Mallards, Coots, Moorhens are some of the several species that can be spotted here. For all the travelers visiting Bibury, these natural aspects of the charming village make the whole experience captivating.


Saint Mary Church in Bibury is another popular tourist attraction. This is a Saxon Church which has many features making it worth visiting. The stained glass window panels made in 1927 for instance are one such feature. The beautifully maintained grounds and the abundant rose bushes, and other blossoms add vivid colors to this structure. Next to the church is a primary school which was built during the 1850s.

Stone Bridge

The village of Bibury is situated alongside the River Coln. This tributary of River Thames flows through the middle of the village, running parallel to the main street. The stone bridges above the river’s course, the lush green pastures and profusion of colors and blossoms around the river’s passage, and the stone cottages with their steep roofs, all come together to paint an extremely pleasing picture of this village. The woodlands in Bibury spread over some one square km of area have hardwoods, softwoods as well as fruit bearing trees planted there. The landscape of Bibury is enhanced through these features, the lush wilderness, sparkling water of the river and the fairy tale like cottages.

Bibury in Winter

To walk around the pathways of this village, the tangerine and yellow tinge of the autumn, the snow covered cottages in winters, the rivers, stone bridges, the historic homes, naturally stunning terrains all make Bibury a perfect place for all those looking for a charming and peaceful traveling destination.

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