Caracas: The Capital City of Venezuela

Caracas: The Capital City of Venezuela

Caracas, the capital and largest city of Venezuela is a beautiful city located right beside Mount Avila. The city is usually not considered to be on the most popular tourist spots in Venezuela and Latin American and it isn’t a rare sight to see tourists skip Caracas when they come to visit the country of Venezuela. But that being said, Caracas does have a lot to offer to any average tourist who plans to visit Venezuela. Like any other big South American city, Caracas also has a great nightlife, amazing food and several tourist attractions.

Things to Do

Aerial view

In a city like Caracas one must always keep in mind that Caracas is in one of the most violent and crime oriented city in the world. The city has a very high crime rate and there are several restrictions placed on tourists from entering specific areas. It is specially suggested that one should be careful during the night time even though the city has a vibrant nightlife.

Another thing worth pointing out is that gasoline prices in the city are quite cheap when compared to the rest of the world (probably because it is a part of OPEC) and thus if you can rent out a bike or car it wouldn’t be considered a bad idea. Talking about the nightlife which Caracas has to offer, a few places like “Las Mercedes” and “La Castellana” districts are quite popular for their night life and it is not rare to see people partying till early morning.

The climate of Caracas is always something worth admiring because it is usually not extreme and is quite comfortable almost all throughout the year. Usually during the summer months the climate ranges from 18˚C (64˚F) to a maximum of 28˚C (82˚F).


If you are one of those who love hiking or a scenic view then surely Mount Avila is one place which you should visit. The city of Caracas has this mountain as its background almost everywhere and the mountain is visible from every skyscraper in the city. A cable car provides you the ability to travel to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beautiful and scenic view from the mountain. Hiking is also another popular activity which any tourist can enjoy on this mountain. The view from the cable car as well is pretty magnificent, providing a great panoramic view of the city and its periphery. The top of Mount Avila is approximately 2600 meters above sea level. On a clear day one might be able to witness the Caribbean Sea towards the north of the mountain. If you want to try your hand at paragliding then that’s another fun activity which you can indulge in.

Major Attractions

La Plaza Bolivar


The ‘La Plaza Bolivar’ is located near the Metro Capitolio and is one of the most beautiful political sights in Caracas. Some beautiful colonial architecture from the Spanish times can been seen at this venue and several Congress and other government buildings can also been seen. It also has a few statues of Simon Bolivar.

La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar

La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar

Among the long standing list of museums which Caracas has, one of the most popular and the finest museums in Caracas is ‘La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar’. It is a fairly well preserved building hailing from the colonial era of Venezuela.  Museo Bolivariano is situated right next door and it shows some of Bolivar’s war relics

Bulevar de Sabana Grande

Without a doubt the ‘Bulevar de Sabana Grande’ can be regarded as one of the most popular shopping venues of the city. It has many outdoor and indoor shops. Also there are several restaurants and hotels in this place. It surely is one lively place to visit.

El Hatillo

El Hatillo

Another classic example of colonial architecture which can widely be seen in Caracas. It has several shops, restaurants and bars which cater to the needs of the middle class of Caracas. The place has a decent nightlife and restaurants that are good enough to provide you with lunch. The only trouble associated to this place is that reachability to this place is not so easy because public transport does not have access over here.

Las Mercedes

Regarded as one of the largest districts for shopping and other leisure activities, it is situated as a different district in the capital city of Venezuela. The district has several pubs and discos. The nightlife of this place is fairly popular all around Venezuela and so is the food and other activities. It contains art galleries, fashion stores and restaurants. Restaurants like Malabar and Maute Grill provide exceptionally good food especially wine, though a little expensive but the food is worth the money spent.

Word of Caution

Caracas has a lot to offer to any regular tourist but one surely cannot avoid the fact that the city is very dangerous. The city had a reported 7,676 murders in 2009. Several tourists get mugged by petty criminals in this city and safety measures need to be exercised when visiting this place. It is also advisable to carry a decoy wallet. Corruption, robberies and thefts are some major problems which plague this city.

Above all that Caracas is surely one place worth visiting if you want to feel everything that Venezuela can offer to you.


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