Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, Paris

Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, Paris

Paris the capital city of France is regarded as most visited city of the world. Paris is famous for its many historical and modern buildings, palaces, churches and world famous many other attractive sites. Among the most famous attractions of the Paris one is the sacre Coeur basilica, one of the most noticeable landmark regarded as sacred heart of Paris. This white dome is a roman catholic church dedicated to sacred heart of Jesus, is situated at the city’s highest point on Montmartre hill. As it sits at the very top of the hill, visitors can get great view of Paris.


Montmartre hill or also regarded as the holy hill situated in the north of Paris,  is around 129 meter above the sea. It is 130 meter high. Montmartre is primarily known for the white domed basilica of the sacre Coeur. There are many other old churches on this hill like saint pierre de Montmartre. The name of hill origin from the word “mount of mars”. The hill is regarded as religious symbol as it has been suggested as a likely druidic holy place because it is the highest point of the area.


The basilica of the sacre Coeur was built on Montmartre from 1876 to 1919, regarded as a gesture of expiration of “the crimes of the communards”.  The large image of the dome’s mosaic shows, the very atmosphere of the basilica reflects the spirit of humble worship. To the right of Jesus stand the archangel Michael and besie him joan of arc wither sword and white gowned ‘France incarnate’ offering her crown back to Jesus. Some 234 spiraling steps lead you to the basilica, which provides the wonderful view of gold mosaics, stained glass window and one of the world’s largest clocks. Nearby of sacre there is saint pierre church which is one of the oldest church in Paris. The entire building of sacre coeur constructed with calcite type stone This stone constantly exude calcite, which ensure that the basilica remains white even with weathering and pollution.


It is very easy to get to sacre Coeur by metro then either walk up the hill or take the tram. To avoid the steps, take the funicular, which costs one metro ticket each way.  It provides the most beautiful panoramic view of the city till around 43 km. it constructed in roman-byzantine style inside the building the ceiling is decorated with the largest mosaic in France measuring about 480 meter square. This iconic church of Paris is regarded as a monument of both political and cultural. It was constructed honor the 58, 000 lives lost in the Franco- Prussian war and to restore the faith of people during such trying time. it is still a symbol of religious faith and bravery of humanity.

inside-jpgBasilique du Sacre-Coeur, Paris

The interior of basilica is seems heavy and over-ornamented. It is notable for its size 100 meter long and 50 meter wide. Inside the church has the massive golden mosaic set high above the choir and Christ in majesty depicts Christ with a golden heart and outstretched arms, surrounded by various figures. It received over 10 million pilgrims each year and it is most visiting site of Paris.


This dome Has the work of many world famous artists like Vincent van gogh, Alfred jarry andgen paul. The artistic work in beautiful roman style make the interior site of this dome more attractive. Rooftop open for visitors provides most amazing view of sunset and sunrise. The second reason of basilica’s popularity is its 262 foot high campanile hang la savovarde one of the world’s heaviest bells, weighing about 19 tons. It is regarded as world’s heaviest and biggest bell.


The sacre basilica basically the most attractive destination because it provides to the visitors peace and the feeling of religious purity and satisfaction as the People considered it as holy place because it is related to the purity of Christ. The visiting sites of dome are the mosaic, the dark interior of the church is illuminated by golden mosaics. The 450 meter square mosaic displaying the Christ in majesty was created by luc- oilier and holds the record of largest mosaic in France. The dome with supported by 80 differently topped columns.


The visitors can also visit to The crypt, displaying several statues of saints, inside the treasury contains ornaments that were offered to the church as  a gift. Than the grand pipe organ, considered as the greatest instrument of the world. It has 109 ranks and 32 note pedal board. Other things to see the gorgeous stained glass window, the basilica’s crypt with never ending vaulted arches and the bronze doors depicting various bible favorites such as last supper.

Le_sacre_coeur - Paris

Near to this there is an interesting museum consisting of local exhibitions. Montmart museum with beautiful inner guarden sacre Coeur is built of travertine stone, it also has the meditation fountain. The visitors can also see  Montmartre cemetery offers beautiful and calm respite from the rush of the city. many visitors come to admire the superlative view from the top of its 271 foot high dome. The sacre de Coeur basilica provdes the most beautiful artistic work of the Paris with the most beautiful panoramic view of the city.

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