The alpine town of Villach, Austria

The alpine town of Villach, Austria

Ever wondered how it’s like to be in a city which has its history referring to the Roman times? Well, if you want to travel to such a city which has its roots dating back to the Roman Empire, then Villach in Austria is a town that one must visit without fail! Well known for its carnivals, this town is one of the hearts of Carinthia, and it has much importance to the country as it provides the major intersection or gateway for railway travel, both inside the country and outside the country as well. Being one of the countries that indulges in the Alpine convention to develop sustainability in the region, it is a matter of significance to mention here that the first town ever that received the Alpine Town of the Year award was Villach.


The town of Villach encompasses about 30 odd villages and it is located on the banks of the River Drava. It forms an Alpine town as it is situated in the range that originates from the northeast near the Lake Ossiach and moves towards the slopes of Mt. Dobratsch.

The town has a rich cultural and historical heritage as well. The town has rich Roman connection as it was situated right in the middle of the all-important Roman road between Noricum and Italy. This history dates back to about 15th century because of which the town has attained great importance with the ancient scholastic medium. The later part of the history says that the tow was hit by a major earthquake in the mid 1300’s and also in the late 1600’s as well. Both these tragedies have had a huge impact on the economy and life of the town as major fires broke out during these occurrences, leading to large scale loss of life and property.


The city earned much fame and importance with the introduction of railways in the year 1864. Known as the Sudbahn Railway, this railway network led to the economic development of the area in that time period. It is said that this railways played a major role in transporting the Austro-Hungarian Army during the First World War. However, the Second World War was a complete eyesore to the town as the bombings led to the damage of almost nearly all the property in the town. History reckons that as many as 300 people were killed back then in the 40,000 odd bombings that occurred in the town.


However, it is said that the town of Villach was one of the quickest to recover from this crooked act by the allies. The town sprung back into normal over a short period of time and the economic aspect of the town started booming with the rise in popularity with tourism. The scenic beauty of the tow has been backed up by the government. Though Villach doesn’t have an Airport of its own, the nearby Airport of Klagenfurt is the best way to reach the town if Air was the only option left with the tourist. However, the train routes have been some of the best in Austria with this sleepy town providing the gateway to some of the most important cities in the country, namely Belgrade, Venice, Linz, Graz and Vienna as well. The town is also accessible by the highways A10 and A2, however though these are not recommended as the scenic beauty while travelling in trains is highly recommended as a thing to watch out for by local people.


Some of the activities that have to be done while visiting the Villacher Fahrzeug Museum and the Museum der Stadt Villach. Both these museums provide artefacts that show the richness of the Roman Empire. A good one hour at the Museum will provide an insight to the rich cultural heritage of the town. Another place to visit in the town is the Landskron Castle, which lies at a height of about 676 m above sea level. The best time to visit the Castle is a Tuesday. A dinner is served by the people of Villach, known as the “Medieval Dinner”. People come dressed in the traditional costumes and serve the dishes that are home to the town. This activity provides an insight into the rich cultural aspects of the town. There is also the rich falconry in the Castle, and if you are lucky enough, then you might be able to catch up with some of the birds that fly right over your head as well.

Another important place to visit in Villach is the Krimmler waterfalls. Regarded as the largest waterfalls in the all of Austria, the place gives you a breath-taking view of the scenic beauty of the countryside. There is also the Thermen Resort which provides the best of vortex pools and hot pools in the region. So, if you decide to stay in the town of Villach, then this resort will be the perfect one to do so as it provides all these facilities at an affordable cost of about 8 Euros for three hours. There is also an attached restaurant which serves traditional and tasty dishes in Villach.


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