Ajmer known for its various religious beliefs, faiths and culture is located in the royal state of Rajasthan, India. Centuries back Ajmer was also known as Ajaymeru and now formerly known as Ajmere. Ajmer is also one of the pilgrimage place with great importance for Muslims as the famous tomb of Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti is located here. Ajmer dargah is the jewel of Ajmer. Ajmer was founded by Raja Ajaypal Chauhan and in today’s date is the fifth largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Apart from all the tourist spots, Ajmer is covered with all the beautiful serene as it is surrounded with the beautiful ranges of Aravili hills and with serene lakes in the city.

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Ajmer Dargah also known as Ajmer Sharif is a famous Sufi Shrine in which people have immense faith and belief. Pilgrims across all over the world come here to pray with pure faith to free their soul. There are lots of miracles taken place in the Dargah. The complex includes many monuments within the Dargah, which includes two gates called Buland Darwaza and the Mausoleum where the tomb is placed. There is a giant cauldron where people donate’s their money which are used for good purposes. To offer rose flowers and chaddar whichare placed over the great Sufi’s Tomb to seek blessings is a popular ritual at Dargah. The Holy spirit is famous world -wide and fulfills all true and keen desires those who come under his shelter. In ancient times King Akbar was a great follower of the saint. While entering the Dargah a divine feeling touches ones soul with the aroma of rose all over. The divine feeling of the place touches one soul and makes it feel pure. It is said that the art form of Kawali is originated after the Sufi Saint from Ajmer’s Dargah. Millions of pilgrimage all over the world visits the shrine of Ajmer Sharif. The faith and belief of the place is simply beyond explanation as there are lots of miracles taken place by the Sufi Saint.

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Aadhi din ka jhonpra is a mosque located in the outskirts of the town. The mosque was once a Vaishnava hindu temple. According to the legends it is said that the construction of the building was done in two and a half days and thus it is named as aadhai din ka jhonpra, it is also said that the name is derived after the two and a half day festival. The place is known for its archeological significance.

aadhi din ka jhonpra

Ana sagar lake is one of the famous and beautiful lake in Ajmer. Ana Sagar lake is built in ancient times by Anaji Chauhan, Prithviraj Chauhan’s grandfather. The lake is surrounded with majestic aravilli hills and is one of the best place for evening strolls. Boatrides and other activities also fascinates the tourists and visitors along with the charm and beauty of the lake. Lake Foy Sagar is another lake in Ajmer which is popular for its beauty.

ana sagar lake

Taragarh fort of Ajmer is one of the most famous forts offering a splendor view because of it’s beautiful location. Taragarh fort is located in the hills and one gets the complete view of the city. It’s one of the oldest fort in India built by the King Ajaypal Chauhan. The architecture of fort is very interesting and thus is famous for its art and historical significance. Lots of tourists are attracted as it also provides the best view of the city.

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Magazine museum is also one of the attraction for tourists. Once city museum, was a historic palace to Prince Salim. The museum exhibits the era of Rajputs and Mughals empire from the weapons and other things displayed in the museum.

Nasiyan ji Mandir in Ajmer is also one of the best temple for Jain religion. The temple showcases the gold plated sculptures of peacocks and elephants with the Jain mythology. The two storey Mandir is divided into two parts, one which is used for prayers and worshipping and the other is used as a museum.

Apart from the tourist spots there are lots of ladies market in Ajmer providing exclusive stuffs of Ajmer. Bandhani sarees, duppatas, exclusive jodhpuri jittis, silver ware, ittars, perfumes etc.are famous items for shopping along with delicious street foods.

Ajmer is famous for it’s the base to visit Pushkar, the place which is said to have the only Brahma temple in the world. The beautiful lake of Pushkar is a sacred spot for Hindus as they take a dip in the sacred lake during the month of October and November.

There are many good hotels and restaurants available for accommodation and refreshments and meals. Hotel embassy, hotel ambassador, hotel haveli heritage etc are fe of the good hotels in Ajmer.

Ajmer is easily accessed by roads and railways. Jaipur is the nearest airport to Ajmer. any private vehicles or public transport goes to Ajmer and hence it is easily accessed.

A trip to Ajmer is thus must once in Rajasthan to know and feel the divine serenity of the place and culture. The place has splendor appeal for its visitors and offers a lot more.

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