Window Replacement – Choosing the Right Windows

It is important for every building as well as every room within a building to be well ventilated. Without ventilation, the insides look and feel dull and lifeless. For ventilation therefore, it is important to have windows as these provide insulation, airflow, heat, and light among other things. You must always ensure that your windows are well maintained and if they fall into disrepair, are mended properly or replaced. According to a study done by the US Department of Energy, close to twenty-twenty five per cent of a building’s heating bill is a result of a lot of heat being lost through windows. If you notice your bill being unusually high over a few months, it would be advisable to have all your windows checked and ascertain which of them need repair or replacement.

To understand windows and their structure better, you should first understand the difference between a newly constructed window and a replacement window-

  1. Replacement windows are those that have several restrictions. You may have to search for a long time before you find a window that exactly suits the building and fits well into the frame according to its size
  2. Newly constructed windows are also known as rough openings. The shape, size, and design of such windows is largely dependent on the requirements and specifications of the builder and is fixed in newly

Listed below are a few factors that you should consider when you are getting your window replaced-

  1. Energy efficiency-this is one of the most important considerations you should make before getting your window replaced. There are two factors to consider in energy efficiency- the R factor, which is the ability to contain energy or a measure for better insulation and the U factor which is the measure of energy loss or energy transfer. A high R factor will indicate that the material is better insulated and more heat resistant. On the other hand, it is necessary to have a low U factor as this shows less energy loss and so should be between 0.20 and 1.20. The best window replacements have a high R factor and a low U factor.
  2. Material- Most companies will end up using the same material as was previously used because the frame of the window will be the same. This means that you can use wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminium to make your windows
  3. Visible transmittance- this refers to the amount of light that can enter through the window and is usually measured from 0 to 1. The higher the value, the better it is
  4. Guarantee/warranty- reputed companies offer guarantees with their products, most of them offer a 10 year one
  5. Cost- the cost of your replacement is dependent on the size, design, and the material used. The most expensive ones are made of aluminium and wood while the lesser expensive ones are made of vinyl

When you get a window replacement, you should also look into other factors such as the maintenance, whether it suits the aesthetic of your house, and whether there is any accidental air leakage. To ensure that you do not face these problems, it is best to call in the help of professionals to install the window replacement.

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