Understanding Your Digital TV Antenna Installation Options

The Australian Government started switching off all free-to-air television analogue signals to digital signals towards the end of 2010. They took steps to convert the analogue signals in to digital signals for the urban areas first, slowly spanning the whole country by 2013. Within 2013, the whole of Australia’s television was transferred into digital signals, thereby leaving the viewers looking for professional antenna installation services. While the switch was in progress, viewers wanted to learn more about it, and get prepared for it, before time, as the switchover might hamper the services that they were being offered earlier. After the switching also, many people across the country was left stranded with little or no signal reception, since, they didn’t know about antenna installations. Therefore, professional antenna installation services came in to play. To avoid the effects of switchover in the viewership services, some people also had to change their TV sets, and then invest in a more modern TV antenna which will connect with the digital signals like a charm.

Now, the question stands, is it necessary to purchase a new TV while going digital. I would say, it depends on the model of the TV you are using. Very often, some of the TV’s has the capability to catch both the analog and the digital signals, but often, it is only meant for one of the purposes. If your TV is not okay with receiving digital signals, then you have to make a switch to continue watching digital television. You need to buy a TV which are compatible with digital signals. If you do not know how to check the compatibility of your TV with digital signal, then you must go to Channel One HD, to see if it’s working. If it’s working, then your TV set is good for digital signal too, but if it doesn’t, then you need to make a switch over. Sometimes, it will also work if you buy a new antenna, for receiving digital signal, and not replace the whole TV set. Obviously, on the contrary, you may also switch over to a better model, or invest some money into digital video recorder, or even buy a digital set top box, to continue getting the services. It completely depends on your budget, on what you want to do. If buying a new set of TVs is a bit costly for you, then you might go for, a set top box. If you need help in installing a new TV and make it compatible with the existing settings, then you may hire a professional service around you or ask a retailer to install it in your residence.

Since, Australia has completely upgraded to digitalized signals, therefore, there is no chance that you may continue receiving the service even if you don’t upgrade. Therefore, the only option there is, is to upgrade from analog to digital. If you do not have a digital antenna, this is the time to invest in one.

The Technology has been changing rapidly since the last few years, and many of the channels has gone high def, which means, the picture quality and the viewing experience has taken a toll up, from the standard def channels that we were seeing earlier. All of this is possible due to the digital signals.

If you are having any problem with signal reception, and if you have still not switched over to digital signals, call Signal Fox, based in North Brisbane.

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