Top 5 Window Tinting Myths

Window tinting, especially car window tinting has always been seen as a thing for racing cars and, people have a common misconception that tinting can only be suitable for racing cars. In this article, we will see top 5 such misconception that people have about the tinting industry, and we will debar them one by one.

Myth 1

Most of us think, or used to think that, window tinting in car is reserved for the racing community, and only people who race, have tints in their windows. But no, this is a myth and needs to be debunked. Yes, this is actually a fact that, tinting is actually very common in the racing community, and racing cars look sportier when there is a window tinting. But, it would be a wrong statement, when someone say that, tinting is only intended for the sports industry. According to statistics, sports cars actually constitute a very small percentage if the whole tinting industry is considered. People with sedans, saloons, vans all come into a tinting workshop to get a tinting done. Even, people who own a family car or an MPV, also bring their cars for a tint job. Therefore, it would be wrong to think that, only sports car and hatchbacks go for window tinting.

Myth 2

Another myth that needs to be debunked, is some of us think that tinting is actually illegal, and would void our driving insurance. Let us just state this, this is a completely wrong fact in most of the countries. In some of the countries of the world, it is illegal to do tinting for some parts of the car, but in most of the countries it is not. For instance, in UK it is illegal to do tinting in the front glass, since, it is illegal for a car to have a dark front glass, but the rest of the car can be tinted, and can be as dark as you wish. Hence, this is a complete wrongly stated fact, when people say that, it is illegal to do a tint job.

Myth 3

Some of us have this perception that, once a car has undergone a tinting job, the resale value of the car will decrease drastically. Yes, this is somewhat true in some case, but blatantly false in other. For instance, if a person loves tinting, then the resale value of the car would be higher to him, than other cars of the same model, just because of the tinting. On the other hand, tinting can be removed at later stage, if you ever feel the need. So, a win-win situation.

Myth 4

There is a common myth that, tints will interfere with the radio antennae and will also affect the heater of the car. This is true if the material used in the car is substandard, but if the material has been installed from a reputable workshop, then it will not tamper with the radio antennae and it will also not damage the heater element.

Myth 5

The last myth that we should discuss about is, when some people think that they can’t see out when they are driving the car, if they have a tinting installed. But, this is wrong. If you are an expert driver, then you won’t have a problem with the tinting. Also, there are lighter tints also available in reputable shops, which are lighter in color.

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