Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Fence or Deck Contractor

If you are thinking about hiring a professional fence contractor or deck contractor, you might want to ask them a few questions and clear up your doubts before hiring them. Listed below are the top five questions you should ask your contractor-

  1. Is a deposit required?

This should be the first question that you ask your contractor. You should know that reputed fence builders and deck builders usually never ask their customers for a deposit before starting work. A renowned contractor should have the financial resources to be able to buy all the necessary materials as well as the ability to complete the job in an efficient manner. They should be confident that their final project will be satisfactory enough for the customer to pay them

  1. Ask about insurances and losses

Hiring someone to build your fences or decks or both may seem like it will cost less but this is excluding the possible risks that are involved. These risks especially come from not having a proper license to work. If someone gets hurt during construction, you may end up being responsible for it through your homeowners insurance. While fence builders do not normally need a building permit, deck builders absolutely need it. Make sure that you do not accidentally hire an unlicensed deck contractors. Proper professional deck and fence contractors will carry the proper licensing required to carry out the business.

  1. Ask about extra charges

In some cases, you may receive an estimate of how much a deck or fence job will cost instead of an actual quotation. Sometimes, the contractor may also add extra charges to your bill without checking or confirming with the homeowner first. If you have already signed on a deck or fence company, it may be hard for you to figure out a way to not pay these extra charges. Therefore, make sure that you get a price ‘quotation’ from the company you intend to employ in writing

  1. Ask your fence or deck builder if they use screws and nails

Today, most wood fence as well as wood deck contractors use only screws. But, you may come across the occasional company that still uses nails. While using nails is faster than using screws, nails will fail faster. Knowledgeable fence builders and deck builders do not use nails normally. Make sure that the company you are using only uses the right screws that are appropriate for the materials being used in construction. Ideally, this material should be pressure treated lumber.

  1. Ask for a warranty

A reputed builder should offer a warranty on the work being done and the final project. If there is a warranty for the material being used, this should be passed on to the homeowner. The labour warranty given should be for a period of at least two years so that the final project is exposed to the weather and all seasons a few times. This will indicate the presence of any problems that may need to be addressed. Bear in mind that the warranty will only be valid if the company remains in business. A warranty from a small company also has a lesser worth than one from a larger company.

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