Top 3 Risks of Not Replacing Your Time Belt

A timing belt or the timing chain, as it is called otherwise, is a part of the internal engine, which generally syncs the rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft, so that the valve of the engine open and close at the proper time, when the cylinder is intaking or the exhaust strokes. Practically speaking for people who do not know about the internal mechanism of a car, the timing belt is a very important part of your engine, since, it practically controls the car’s proper operation. Most of the basic functions, that all constitute towards the proper functioning like, air conditioner compressor, alternator, water pump and much more. If you are risking your timing belt, you are generally risking the well-being of the car. If any one of the part related to the timing belt stops working, your car stops working. Obviously, we wouldn’t say, that the timing belt is the most important part of the car, since there are other parts of the car, which are already termed as important, but timing machine is actually a very pivotal part in the proper functioning of a car. If your timing belt is damaged, or not running for some reason, then it can give you a lot of trouble and headaches. Therefore, timing belt should always be maintained, and when time comes should be replaced. IN this article, we will see the top 3 risks of not replacing the time belt of your car.

The first risk of not replacing your time belt in time, is that, if it gets damaged, and tears down, or wears down, then the car will die then and there. So, for instance, you are in the middle of a very busy road, and your car suddenly dies, then you are in a grave situation. Not only will your car die, if the timing belt tears down, but also, it will damage the interior engine area. Now, why does this happen? Since, the timing belt rotates so fast inside the engine, that when it finally does tear down, with so much force and momentum, that it starts hitting the other part of the engine, before it finally slows down and stop. This hard hitting of the other parts of the engine, damages the interior bay area.

Another important reason is efficiency. If you are not replacing your time belt in the optimum time, then you are generally driving your car at a low efficiency. What happens is, maybe every time the timing belt do not break, but once it wears down, the engine efficiency gradually decreases, and hence, the consumption of gas or oil is more. And, eventually, if you pressurize more on the engine, with a weared down timing belt, the engine will bust after some time, which would mean abandoning the car for a huge amount of time in the service center.

The third risk of a wearing out timing belt is that it leads to piston breakage. It might not seem like much, but if the piston breaks, the whole engine is scrapped, and it also cannot be repaired. Therefore, you need to change the whole engine, which would be a huge expenditure.

Therefore, these are the top 3 risks you are facing if you are ignoring the wearing out of your car’s timing belt.

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