Tips to Clean and Maintain Indoor Waterfall Water Pumps

Indoor Water fountains are a great source of relaxation and its gentle and smooth sound is very soothing. These fountains are often used to add up to the ambience of office space and homes. While, running water at home, is picturesque, it also acts as a stress reliever. But, with due usage, the fountain pipes get clogged with mineral deposits and hard water stains. Therefore, to extend the life of the fountain pumps, it is very essential to keep it clean.

Cleaning the water fountain is quite easy. The cleaning should be done with a small piece of clean towel.  Before cleaning, the device should always be powered off, to avoid getting electrical shocks.

It is very important to take good care of the pump. It is also imperative to clean the pump thoroughly from time to time. The water level in the pump should be maintained regularly. Due to humidity, the basin of the indoor fountain tends to evaporate, and therefore, should be filled up with water regularly to check damage to the pump. If properly maintained, and checked, the indoor fountains last for a long period of time.

The Cleaning Procedure

Before cleaning, make sure that the device is powered off. Unplug the plug from the socket to ensure that there is no connection. Then, empty the remaining water by pouring it out. Many a times, the fountains are not portable. In that case, use a vacuum to draw the water out. Now, use a small rug to soak the remaining water. For cleaning, there shouldn’t be a drop of water remaining in the fountain.

If there is a mineral build up in the fountain, fill the fountain with a mixture of water and vinegar. After filling up the fountain with the mixture, start the pump, and let it operate for an hour or so. Now, unplug the plug from the socket, and take a rug or a scrubber to scrub out the mineral deposits. You may also use a toothbrush to scrub the mineral deposits from the intricate places. Once you get sure that the mineral deposits are all scrubbed off, you may empty the fountain and then fill it up with clean water.

Now, to clean fountains which are dirty, it is very essential to disassemble all the parts of the indoor water fountain. If you are using the fountain for many days, and have not cleaned it for a year or so, or if it is left unused for many days, then dirt and debris tend to collect in the most complex part of the fountain. Therefore, it is essential to disassemble all the parts. Use a scrubber to scrub the surfaces clean. Use a solution of bleach and water to clean the disassembled parts of the fountain. It is advised before scrubbing the surface and the parts of the fountain, soak them in warm water. Once, you are sure that the parts are cleaned thoroughly, clean them again with a dry towel before assembling.

It is very essential and advised by the experts to clean the fountain every four weeks. This maintains the quality of the pump. It is very important to check the quality of the water from time to time, and check the surface for mineral deposits.

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