Taxi License- How to Get a TLC License NYC

If you want to drive a yellow taxi or a black limousine in New York City, then you need to get a license which will enable you to drive a taxi around New York. This license is also called a TLC license or the Taxi and Limousine Commision of New York City. Now, if you want to earn bucks by driving a taxi around the five boroughs of New York city, you need to acquire one of these licenses to do that.

Now, getting a license to drive around New York with an Yellow Taxi is also referred to as a Hack License. By acquiring this hack license, you get the access to the famous streets of New York commercially. You can work either the night shift or the day shift or both, and it solely depends on you, when you’ll drive. If you don’t feel like driving, you may take the day off, and chill with your friends, since, you are your own boss, when you are operating a yellow taxi in the streets of New York. If your driving record is good in this business, then your job as a cab driver is basically confirmed for life. Alternatively, if you drive good, then you can drive for years as a cab driver in New York City.

Now, there are different steps in getting a Taxi License in New York City. Let us now, discuss about the steps involved.

Defensive Driving Classes-: Now, before you get a Taxi License, the process really starts with attending a defensive class which is generally of six hours. You can take up this course on Advance TLC School, which is one of the best New York City.

Medical Exam Form Completion-: The second step for acquiring a taxi license in New York City is to get a medical exam done by a registered doctor. The registered doctor will test you, and will certify that you are physically and mentally to drive a car across New York City. Advance TLC School will help you in getting the medical exam form completed easily.

Prepare Application Papers-: The next step that you need to follow to get a license, is to file an application with the TLC. When you apply for a taxi license in TLC, the first thing they will need is your fingerprint and your medical form, where you are declared medically fit. A background search against your name will also be done. If you were into criminal activities before, you will be enquired again, so that they can make sure that you will not go to that path again. They will also instruct you to go to a drug test at any TLC center.

Attend a License School-: The next step in getting a taxi license is to attend classes conducted by the TLC. It will cover NYC demographics, customer relations and other things that concerns a cabbie.

Pass the Test-: After the classes are over, you are ready for the test which is again conducted by the TLC. This is also called the Taxi Operators Written Examination. It contains questions related to English, and questions related to taxi guidelines and rules.


Advance TLC School in New York, help prospective cabbies to get their TLC license. If you want to get TLC license, and want to be a cabbie, in the wonderful city of New York, call them to know more.


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