Storage of Vaccine and Medicine in a Pharmacy Medical Fridge

Do you also wonder where do the pharmacies store the drugs, medicine and vaccines? Many of the vaccines and other medical portions are heat sensitive and get spoilt if are exposed to heat and high temperatures. These medical vaccines are usually kept in a pharmacy medical fridge, which is pretty different from the domestic fridges. As for many medicines, specific temperature has to be maintained, if the pharmacies are unable to do that, they may suffer huge losses. So, let us dive into the features and functions of such machines and what makes them important for pharmacies.

Beauty is in specifics

Many of the medicines have to be stored at a temperature of 1-7degreeCelsius. If the range deviates there is a possibility that the medicines would lose their effectiveness or become harmful for consumption. The medical fridges have the controllers and regulators which could maintain a specific temperature in the fridge without any error. Unlike domestic refrigerators which make the distinction on a broad basis, medical refrigerators give you the ability to manage the temperature in the machine. If the fridge deviates from the mentioned settings, it displays the problem on its screen.

Different is better

Many advanced refrigerating systems helps the pharmacy to control the temperature in different compartments. As different vaccines need different temperature requirements, it becomes important to maintain it in different compartments. Some pharmacies use multiple small fridges with different settings, while other use different compartments of the fridge if the temperature requirements are different.

The protective layers

The drawers and compartments in the fridge are made with top notch material which protects the medicines from the external environment and temperature. The drawers are made with precision so external temperature isn’t able to affect the medicines.


These refrigerators have special features such as alarms to pose a warning. Many times, due to human error, the refrigerator door is left open. In this case, the refrigerators wouldn’t be able to maintain the temperature. An advanced alarm system is able to tell of the door has been open for more than 10 seconds (varies). If it stays open even after the warnings, the beeps start increasing in volume and frequencies. This turns out to be one of the most useful features for pharmacies.

The internal savior

These refrigerators have an internal fan which helps in maintaining the temperature and increasing the circulation of air inside the machine. This makes the cooling mechanism much more effective and prevents the frost from building in the refrigerator. Thus, it makes sure the internals are neither very hot nor very cold.

The voiceless

All these appliances are usually silent and unlike the domestic appliance which uses a compressor, these machines utilize a vapor cycle. Many hospitals also have such medical refrigerators and the silent operations help the patients to rest without disturbance.

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