Shhhh Listen! Do You Hear the Sound of Indian Restaurant?

Indian food is known for its range of spices, herbs and sauces. If you have never been in India, or if you have never tasted Indian food, then it might be tough for you to select any specific Indian dish, when you visit an Indian Restaurant. But, as time advances and globalization occurred, Indian Food is becoming famous all over the world. London is known for its multi-cultural environment, and here we bring one of the best Indian Restaurant in the city.  Aladin Brick Lane, in London, does justice to its customers by serving them with the best Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistan cuisines.

Brick Lane, often known as the biggest diaspora of Indians and Bangladeshis all over the world, is known for its spicy delicacies and Aladin Brick Lane, stands as the best restaurant in brick lane. Some of the verified sources, also term Aladin Brick Lane, as the best Indian Restaurant in all of London. Aladin was inaugurated in 1979, which at that point of time served the Bangladeshi migrant community, who have migrated from Sylhet in Bangladesh. Initially, the clientele was not vast, but, somehow, people liked the culinary dishes made by the cooks, and the clientele slowly started increasing. With changing times, Aladin also added more dishes to its menu, making it an extensive and a paramount venue for the people of London. With a large menu, and extensive quality, Aladin Brick Lane has become one of the most sought after restaurant for curry lovers in London.

When it comes to Indian curries, it comes with huge variants. In India, most of the recipes are regional, and therefore, the recipes for curries change when you travel from one region to another. But, Aladin is a paradise for people who are in love with the spicy blend of Indian curry. Aladin, with a vast menu, has almost every cuisine, which are available in different parts of India. Not only its vast food menu, but Aladin is the most favorable Indian Restaurant in London, because it is located at one of the poshest places in East London, with close proximity to some of the best bars and clubs in town. So, it is not only serving you fine curries, but it does a lot more.
Aladin, also entertains serving and hosting small and large dinner parties. They also host business meetings and corporate dinner, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. Aladin, started out as a one floor restaurant, now has a sprawling space of 4 floors, which will cater to every requirement of yours, be that an extravagant dinner date or a serene dining experience with your family.

Aladin has been listed by BBC as one of the world’s best curry houses, for its capability of serving excellently cooked Indian curry. Recently Aladin was also given the title of “Best Curry House in Brick Lane”, by popular Chef Ainsley Harriot. So, aren’t you already getting the smell and sound of an Indian Restaurant? Visit Aladin once to taste the delicacies or email them to know more.

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