Seven Reasons Decking is a Great Addition to Your Home

A deck can be built in any garden no matter how big, small or if it’s on a slope. Decking can be made from the cheaper pressure treated softwood, a more expensive hardwood such as oak or cedar or it can even be made from composite decking. Composite decking is an exciting advance in decking that has the look, feel, appearance and workability of wood but with the maintenance properties of plastic.

Here are seven reasons that may sway you towards creating a deck in your garden:

  1. An area of decking in your garden will add value to your home – far more than it cost to build.
  2. If your garden is flat then the addition of decking adds a lot of interest to your garden. Breaking the garden up in terms of height and texture transforms a garden from looking dull to a place that you would like to spend time in
  3. If you enjoy DIY then building a decking is a great summer project to undertake. It can be a quick project to undertake and you’ll see results fast.
  4. Depending on the type of wood you choose to build your decking out of it can have a warmer feel to it than stone, not only in terms of the physical temperature  but also how it looks. When it’s wet it still retains that warm look.
  5. In the summer where a stone patio gets hot and wooden deck will still be cool to walk on barefooted.
  6. If your garden is on a slope then you can easily create some usable flat space without some serious landscaping effort.
  7. It is easier to add lights to decking than it is to a patio.

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