How to Review Janitorial Services

Planning on using janitorial services company? It is always great to check for a full review in the business review websites. If you’ve used the services of a company, you must also share your opinion, whether great or terrible, on social media platforms for others to get to know about the quality of service of the company before they book with the company. Reviews can help people find worthy companies and steer clear of companies that do not deliver to the worth! Here is how to frame a helpful review of a janitorial services company!

Value for Money 

It’s always a better idea to talk about value for money than to talk about the amount charged when discussing about a company since most janitorial service companies offer a variety of different cost packages. What you ought to discuss is whether you were delivered what you paid for. Also, you must mention if the company offered to you a package deal if you sought from them a range of different services! Most people would not hesitate to pay slightly more if the company offers the right quality of services than pay less and regret on the services provided. You must hence examine on whether you were satisfied of having spent the amount seeing the quality of the service delivered.


It is essential that you talk of the quality of work delivered to you! If the marble floor was left sparkly, you must talk of it! If the quality of service was not upto the mark with shower cubicles blocked with hair and soap after the janitors left, you must never leave it out either. Anybody who reads reviews of a company is looking to know about the quality of work delivered. Moreover, you must also speak of how friendly the staff was and if you had suspicion of any theft or damage to your home. While most people would schedule the visit only when they are home, it is still necessary that they know of whether the staff was trustworthy or they rose suspicion.


You must watch whether the janitors were prepared for the job when they arrived or not. You must mention whether they wasted time after arrival or got to work rightaway. A good janitorial service will ensure that they optimize the time and effort without losing on time. Also, you must write about whether they came prepared with the equipment and everything needed or left out on certain things only to recall it later. If possible, you must mention whether their equipment was all in working order.


Punctuality is one of the most important aspects of any professional service. It is essential that the janitors attend at the specified time instead of having you wait till longer. It can be a major cause of inconvenience if they arrive later than you expect them to. Moreover, it is also essential that they work in a manner to deliver the job without taking too long to fit into your time schedule.

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