Patio Decks – Choosing the Best Material for Your Deck Construction

When choosing a deck material you have a large selection of different types to choose from. You can go with anything form composite to treated wood or even recycled materials. It can be a little confusing or even a little overwhelming when you look at it from an uneducated point of view. With all the new materials popping up many people are still surprised when I say that I believe wood is still the number one option when it comes to how it looks. You do need to understand that not all wood is equal and some is better for decking than others. Some of the better choices for decking are teak, red wood or cedar. You may even go with a cheaper option like pine if you get it treated.

You should also be made aware that most wood will need more maintenance than your composite types do. Some of the better choices have the ability to withstand the elements quite nicely and will not be as hard to preserve. Exotic wood like teak is one of the best for building projects outside do to the fact that it is able to resist rot better than any other type out there. Ship builders have been using this wood for a long time because of its unique properties.

If you think about it for a minute you’ll soon agree that any wood that can withstand the harsh elements of the sea would fare really well on a deck attached to your home. Having the budget for teak is not something that everyone has so you may want to consider a cheaper option that is also resistant to rot. Cedar is one of these types as well as red wood both are readily available in most areas. Even though they may not be as durable they still are quite effective as decking material. If you are planning on using one of these options for your deck then I suggest you look into what will be involved for maintenance and decide which router you want to take.

You may decide that you hate all the work involved in taking care of a wood deck and decide that a composite one is better for you. Composite decks will last a very long time without any maintenance, but in my opinion they do not have the look of a real wood deck. However, sometimes it is a balance between how much money you have, how much time and how you want it to look.

If you have money to spare and don’t want a lot of maintenance then teak would be the best choice. If you need to save and aren’t afraid of a little maintenance than go with either cedar or red wood.

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