New Kitten Care – Ten tips for Raising your Kitten

Now that you have picked up a brand new kitten from a litter and are ready to bring it home, you would want to ensure that it gets the best possible start in life. Below are 10 tips that you can follow to develop a confident, affectionate cat who will be the best kitten you ever had.

  1. Be prepared for its arrival. Basic amenities like toys, food, litter box, scratch post and bed should all be ready for him. This will only help it to get more comfortable with the new environment of your house.
  2. Handle it a lot. Any pet is greatly influenced by the touch of its owner. If kittens are handled when they are young, they get used to it and learn to enjoy it. The way you treat the kitten will define the nature of the cat when it grows up. If it enjoys it, it will turn into an affectionate adult kitten and will love to be cuddled and stroked. Kittens are sensitive and they need to handled carefully when you touch them. For kids around the kitten, they need to first get accustomed to the kind of touch and the pressure that is suitable for kitten so that they don’t accidentally hurt them.
  3. Let him get used to receiving daily care from you. Grooming, washing, bathing, cleaning ears and eyes are a great way to maintain the health of your kitten. A more hygienic pet reduces the probability of it falling sick and developing unnecessary infections. If he is comfortable with the amount of time and maintenance you put into him as a kitten, you will have fewer problems when he turns into an adult.
  4. Introduce him to things around him that will be a part of his everyday world. This includes visiting relatives, neighbours, the nearby park, the car, kids and other pets. This will help him adapt to situations comfortably and will turn him into a happy, confident adult.
  5. Play with your kitten from time to time. Teach it to keep busy and talk to him from time to time. A bored kitten wreaks havoc on the house by destroying furniture and do activities you wouldn’t be keen on.
  6. Variable diet is important for the kitten to accustom himself to what is given and not stick to a single fish-based diet. Feed him a wide selection of foods that are suitable for kittens.
  7. Kittens behave like kids. They are curious and push boundaries until someone stops them. Kittens behave extremely naughty by scratching, biting, jumping and abseiling curtains. To stop him from such an activity, a gentle “no” is enough to make it clear that this behaviour will not be tolerated. It is easier to train a new kitten than a fully matured adult.
  8. Ignore vocal blackmail. Some kittens have the tendency to meow non stop until they get what they want. Continuing this kind of behaviour, will turn the cat extremely vocal and will mature later by setting noisy demands.
  9. Keep him protected. Simple stimuli like falling off the toilet, dogs barking on him have negative impacts on him. The more unpleasant experiences he has as a kitten, the more inferior he grows into a mistrusting adult.
  10. A new kitten is a baby with loads of energy. You can prevent your kitten from trying to damage the place but it is also impossible to assure that your home will be a spick-and-span place.

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