What is the Metal Fabrication Process?

Now, what is metal fabrication? It is the process of designing a complete metal product by cutting, designing, forming and assembling various raw metal structures and giving it the shape of a complete metal product. Today, in this modern world, wherever we lay our eyes upon, we are surrounded by metal structures. Now, whenever someone needs to make something out of metal, they need to do metal fabrication. Metal Fabrication stores can create and design a plethora of metal products of different shape and sizes. Now, there are large metal fabrications stores, which go out of their way, and sometimes design metal products based on the customers wish.

Now, as we discussed, we see metal products wherever we lay our eyes upon. Therefore, since, metal fabrication is needed in molding every other metal product, it has become a huge industry in itself. Nowadays, metal fabrication involves metal construction projects which range from small piping systems in building to large steel bridges and containers. Since, most of today’s heavy vehicles are also made through metals, therefore, metal fabrication is also needed in the manufacturing industry to make these heavy vehicles. People who are associated with the above sectors also has a huge role to play in the metal fabrication process, since it is mostly manual.

Today, with the help of thermal cutting equipment, the people who are in the metal fabrication industry shape the steel components in to various shapes. It includes,

  • Measuring and cutting welding plates, steel and aluminum.
  • A varied range of welding processes.
  • Interpretation of various technical drawings.
  • Thermal Cutting equipment’s with the help of metal fabrication process also helps us in using a number of different tools.


Now, at first, the metal is generally in the form of a large sheet. Metal fabricators need to work upon them to bring it onto a more feasible figure, so that, designing can be done, and something can be made out of it. The cutting process or the metalworking process involves creation of assemblies and large structures. Metalworking has a huge application in the metal fabrication industry and it is used in works like building bridges to engine parts. With modern technology and tools, today, the metalworking is more precise.


The machining process is generally the precision process of the metal fabrication. Sometimes, during metalworking, no matter what the precision, there remains some discrepancy. These discrepancies are partially levelled by the use of the machining process. In the machining process, the metal is fine-tuned and all the extra pieces of metal are cut off to level the metal to a specific dimension. CNC or Computer Numerical Control is a computerized machining system, where the computer performs various machining functions on the metal piece.

Material Deformation

Material Deformation is again a very important step in metal fabrication, and is mainly used in the construction, automotive and jewelry industry. Metals change their shape and size when treated under intense temperature and force. This process is called material deformation process.

Welding and Assembly

Now, after all the parts have been set up, comes the time of joining all the pieces together and treating them with welding. Welding is a process to joining things together by treating the metal under intense heat. This is the last and final step in the metal fabrication process.


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