Metal Bunk Beds – Why Yes and Why No?

Bunks beds are the best way to make your kids share a room and still have ample space. Metal bunk beds are a more popular kind of these beds. Their frames are made of metal and lend a more elegant look.

Metal bunk beds are a more reasonable option owing to their affordability as compared to the wooden ones. Due to their lighter weight, metal bunk beds require lesser time and effort to assemble and disassemble as opposed to their wooden counterparts. Metal bunk beds are more popular also because of their durability as they can withstand high pressure and do not lose their shape easily.

Despite the many advantages of the metal beds, they are a little less stable than the wooden bunk beds as they have slightly weaker joining of the bunks. These require a regular check to ensure that the joints remain tight and prevent the bed from quivers. But these are big reason behind some beds becoming unstable. Kids’ playful activities on the bed can also in some cases cause the bed to collapse. Therefore, it is necessary to check the joints of the metal beds regularly to prevent any such mishaps. These beds are quite unfavourable in winters as the metal gets cold quickly.

Many varieties of metal bunk beds are available for you to choose from. A twin over twin kind of metal bunk beds option is quite popular. The size of both the upper and lower beds is the same and they’re also detachable in case the kids don’t want to use them as bunks anymore. Some metal beds have smaller upper and larger lower bunks which are ideal for sharing between kids of different ages.

The elder child needing more space can use the lower bunk and the smaller size can settle on the upper bunk. Some metal beds come with both the bunks of an equally large size which is ideal when grownup kids are sharing a room. There’s also a kind of metal bunk beds in which instead of the lower bunks there’s just empty space. These are called loft bunks. There are pretty useful for storing stuff, like toys, games and can even house a desk and at as a study table under the upper bunk. Futon bunks with twin top bunks and sofa underneath are a very popular option with kids who have the room to themselves. They are perfect for sleepovers.

Many kinds of metal bunks are available and one can choose according to need. They are reasonable and leave plenty of space for other uses like entertainment or study.

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