Marble Tiles – The Secrets You Need To Know About Marble Floors

Marble floor tiles are instantly recognisable and are striking in their appearance; this opulent tile is used in both domestic and commercial premises and offer sophistication and elegance. Marble flooring can be used in many areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entrance halls.

Most presume that sourcing marble is expensive and although this is true for some marble tiles; there is a huge variation in pricing which can be suited to all budgets. There are two common choices in marble flooring; traditional and tumbled. Traditional marble has a polished, shiny finish whilst tumbled varieties are buffed, providing a more natural and earthy feel. Both tiles are available in different sizes, allowing creativity when laying these floor tiles. Design is individual and will allow for a truly unique result.

When installing marble, ensure the floorboards are sturdy underneath. Any stone flooring requires a strong base that will avoid tiles and grout cracking once installed; reinforce if necessary! The floor must be level and thought invested in the layout will make sure the result is symmetrical. Place each stone prior to laying them on mortar; once you are confident with how they look, lay them in mortar, using spacers between each tile. When the mortar is dry, you will need to seal the marble with a neutral pH breathable sealer. It is strongly recommended that this is repeated on a regular basis after installation.

There is a large variation in stone sealers available alongside stone cleaning products. Stone flooring is an investment into your home and it is therefore imperative that they are treated, cleaned and protected correctly. Do not make the mistake of trying to save money by cleaning or restoring your tiles yourself; incorrect cleaning products can leave tiles dull and damaged.

A stone cleaning and stone restoration specialist will have the time-served knowledge, experience, products and machinery to make sure that the best stone sealer and stone cleaning products are used. Not only will this ensure your tiles’ beautiful appearance is maintained, the sealing and cleaning process will extend the life-span of your marble tiles. Your chosen professional will have a website, offering information and advice as well as pictures of previous work completed and industry related accreditations.

Your stone cleaning expert will provide a no obligation quotation; this is an opportunity to learn about the Company and the comprehensive services they provide. This will allow for confidence that you are dealing with a professional; they will offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective service. They will also offer advice about a regular maintenance programme.

Marble tiles are a great asset to any home or business; their combination of beauty and durability provide a superior finish. Regular cleaning with the help of a professional will allow an appreciation of marbles luxurious qualities and stylish appearance.

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