The Major Types of Material Handling Equipment

If you own a company, or an industry, and have a warehouse of goods and products, then you know the vitality of material handling equipment. This type of equipment is used to move large amounts of goods and products across distances, and are extremely handy in warehouses and industries, where there are large stacks of items across shelves, which may need to be moved. Types of equipment can include items like storage units, and vehicles and tools that take an active part in moving supplies in an out of warehouses. These machines can include forklifts and conveyor systems.

There are three major types of material handling equipment. The first type is storage equipment. This can include racks, shelves, or pallets that are used to store goods for a temporary amount of time, before they are transported to another destination. One useful benefit of things like shelves is that they can be stacked when they are not in use, thereby saving space in the warehouse. In this manner, you can use an adequate amount of shelves for the goods in your warehouse, while keeping extra shelves tucked away.
Another type of material handling equipment is engineered systems. These systems include a variety of automated tools and machines that have the ability to lift heavier loads and move these loads across the warehouse floors. One popular system is known as the fully automatic storage and retrieval system. This involves an automated structure, that consists of shelves and aisles, and is controlled by using a shuttle system. This system is controlled by a machine (known as a cherry picker, because it picks the top of the pile first), and is operated either by an automated system, or by a worker. This method is extremely useful because it allows you to get access to goods that are placed at a height, or are too heavy for human beings to carry.
The third type of material handling equipment is the industrial truck. Industrial trucks are essential to transport goods from one part of the country to the next. However, with the rise of international travel, boats and planes have now become increasingly necessary in the transport of goods across national borders. Industrial trucks are still quite significant, and there are different types of industrial trucks. For example, a common truck is a forklift, that works within a warehouse to transport goods. Some trucks have to be manually operated, and others can be operated via an automated system.

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