What Are the Major Issues in Heavy Duty Truck Repair and How to Resolve It?

When people buy a heavy duty truck or an engine, they see it as an investment. For most of us, buying a heavy duty engine is our biggest investment in life, and hence, we do not want to go easy on the repair works or fixing some issues which may come in the way of using it. Now, whenever a problem arises with your truck, be it a used one or a new one, it is really important that you know the reason for the problem. Since, if you don’t know the root of your problem, or what you are dealing with, finding out a solution would be difficult. Hence, knowing the scenario is of utmost importance.

Knowing the Scenario

Before buying a heavy duty truck, it is always advisable that you read some reviews from the internet, since, it has been seen that some of the models of heavy duty truck tend to experience more problems than their counterparts. But, issues in trucks not only arises due to the model of the truck that you are using, but it also depends on how much the truck has been used in its lifetime. So, the usage of the truck also directly affects its functioning. Therefore, while buying a heavy duty truck, always remember to buy a model, which has less cases of issues posted in the online forum.


Transmission is one of the main part of a heavy duty truck, because it controls the vibration when the truck is out on the road. If you have bought a heavy duty truck, then the first thing that you need to check about the transmission, is that, if it is a manual or an automatic transmission. Since, transmission is such an important part of the truck, and involves a lot of things, it is modifiable, but it costs much more than the other parts.
The problems that usually occurs with the transmission of a truck, can actually be avoided if the truck goes through regular routine maintenance.


Sometimes there are formation of rusts in different areas of the truck, and it is very hard to identify the areas where the rust has formed. The only thing that may help in this case is to check every corner of the vehicle, and then finding out the places where the rust has formed. Now, the problem of rusts in truck is not that easily correctable, because the experts first need to find out the exact place, from where the rust has started. If the truck is not new, and has been used for a long time, the problem of rust becomes more complex.

Oil Leaks

Sometimes, you may see that there is leakage of oil, where drops of oil comes out of the engine due to an inner leakage. This problem is very common, and occurs because of the extensive usage of the truck. It is not advisable to avoid this problem for long, and to go to the mechanic as soon as a leakage occurs.

Rubber Hose Damaged

Rubber Hose getting damage is a very common issue in heavy duty vehicles, and this is one of the very few problems, where you need to go the repair shop as soon as you notice it. Since, if this problem persists, then the vehicle might catch fire.

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