Knowing Your Property Lines And Land Surveying

Property lines and land surveying are something you’ll need to have a basic understanding of if you’re looking at buying property, especially older pieces or those that are considered vacant land. This is because you’ll want to be sure of the lines and that the surveying that’s been done is as exact as possible.

Often when you purchase land there is a description of the latitude and longitude of the property itself. If this is not perfect and correct, you can have a lot of problems down the road. You may find you have a fence dispute, landscaping such as trees dispute, or even, existing out buildings or easement problems.

Make sure you get the latest property description and that it includes any types of buildings or trees. There are many situations where you purchase a piece that have special characteristics only to find out later that the neighbor thinks they belong to their piece.

You’ve heard about it in the news. Discrepancies about who has the right to cut a tree down, who has to repair the fence, or even, whose shed it is. Most of these problems can be avoided by making sure any concerns such as these are a part of the description and handled before you close on the piece.

You can find the description recorded at your local county offices such as the assessors office. Just remember, if you need a new survey you’ll want to make sure it’s recorded before you sign on the dotted line. Bring any concerns you have to the survey company’s attention that way you can ask them questions and they’ll have the answer.

Don’t forget, even though there’s a survey, if it’s an old one, it may be incorrect or there may be features that are now in discrepancy due to the years that have done by. This can be especially true in earthquake areas, flooding areas, or even steep hillsides.

Over the years even the earth moves a certain amount, so what was considered within the property lines fifty years ago, may not be now. Take a look at the topography and if you have any concerns get a new description recorded before you buy.

Land Surveying and property lines can be a big issue when it comes to purchasing a piece of property, avoid problems down the road by making sure it’s as exact as possible. Make sure you bring any concerns to the attention of the survey company, and then perhaps even take a look at the bordering pieces description as well to make sure they match.

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