What are Irrigation Sprinkler System?

If you have got a field, you need to water it almost daily, to keep it fertile. Same goes for a cricket, football or a golf field. To upkeep the grass growth in the field, water is necessary. Irrigation sprinkler system is basically an overhead system which is used in mostly all types of field. Now, these systems generally vary in sizes and quantity it can serve. Like, some are pretty complex and big, and can water a large area, while others are small and is only capable of watering one homeowner’s yard. The main objective or the importance of a water irrigation system is to, avoid drought within the yard it is watering, and also provide regular water to the plants and keep away dust particles. Plants needs water, to carry on with their photosynthesis process, so the sprinkler system basically, keeps up the plant growth.

Now, most of the sprinkler system actually adhere to specific pattern while watering the area. They generally adhere to a pattern so that, they do not overlap, so that they do not water the same area again and again, which would mean the wastage of water, and also, some of the areas wouldn’t get adequate amount of water. Now, these sprinklers which adhere to a pattern, generally does not have a pressure greater than 30 psi. There are also high-pressure sprinklers, which sprinkle water at a high pressure, and those move in a circular pattern. There are again some more sprinklers which are buried under the ground, and whenever they are functional, they get their openers out of the ground, and sprinkle water. After sprinkling, they go back inside the ground. These sprinklers are generally used in industry and agriculture.

Residential Irrigation sprinkler system are generally not complex, and very easy and can also be made using DIY procedures. But, sometimes, if the application of the sprinklers is huge, then it becomes complex. Generally, the residential sprinkler system comes in different sizes and shapes, but they can also be transformed for irrigational purposes by attaching a faucet or a bib.

With modern technology, the sprinkler system is also becoming more technically active. Modern residential sprinkler system comes in with timers and automatic cooling and heating system. So, if you set a timer, then it will sprinkle water every day on that time, and similarly, the cooling process can also be automated using the modern techniques integrated in the sprinkler system. So, now if you go out of town, you do not need to worry, because the sprinkler system, will sprinkle water in the given time, and your garden will look still nicer when you come back after a few days. Moreover, the modern sprinkling system are invisible, and you won’t even know that it is there, unless you get splashed upon suddenly.

Now, when you buy a sprinkling system, you would see that it comes with several sub-systems such as, like piping system, control equipment’s and other pieces. Now, the piping system actually gets connected to the water source, and the other procedure of sprinkling can be automated. Modern sprinkling system can also control the water sprinkled by judging the external climate. So, if it is rainy, then it would sprinkle less water, than a sunny day. Cool, isn’t it?


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