Iron Fences-Materials, Types and Styles Metal Gates

Fencing ensures the security of your house. And, when it is Iron Fencing, then, it has the ability to both enhance the look of your house, and at the same time ensures the security. Who doesn’t want to add style and security at the same time to their house. If you are a homeowner, then you can do this by adding an iron fencing. Now, the modern-day iron fences are manufactured for more than one purpose. There are fences which are made for ensuring security, there are others which are made purely for decoration purposes, and there are still others which are manufactured for both.

Now, since stylish iron fences are comparatively new in the market, in this article we will talk about the materials, types and the styles involved in iron fencing.


Now, if you are a new buyer, you need to recognize the usage of the fence first, if you need to judge the material. You need to think that if you need the fence for security purposes, decorative purposes or for both. If you are buying a fence for security purposes, then search for fences made with chain link or metals. If you want an extra privacy added, then, go for a wood or vinyl setting.

Among the iron fencing’s, wrought iron is the most durable and costly, and hence, it is the rarest. People who need security mostly goes for chain link material, because it is thinner and also cheap.

Now, if someone wants the fencing for decorative purposes, then there are lower qualities of iron, which are cheaper than chain metals and are used for manufacturing weaker and cheaper versions of the fence.


There are generally two types of fencing material available in the market. One is the chain metal, and the other is wrought iron. These are broad classifications, and there might be other variants of iron available in the market. Now, chain metal being the most popular is also by far the most recognizable. In urban residential areas, molded iron fencing is the most popular type of fencing. Fences made with chain metal are primarily used for security purposes, but if the homeowner wants, they can also be made in to a decorative piece.

There is another kind of iron fencing, which is also called as wire fencing. The wire is made out of iron, and hence the name wire fencing. This iron wiring is generally used in huge farms, or in houses which are near to the jungle. These types of fencing generally keep rodents and other animals away. The two pros of using these type of fencing is that, they are very lightweight, yet very strong. Another advantage is that they do not require any type of base or footings.


Generally, the styles are dependent on the purpose that the fence would be solving once they are installed. One of the most used styles in urban cities are, privacy fencing. Privacy fencing disables the onlookers to see through it, and hence sets a privacy paradigm around the house. There are other styles which are made by hand over wrought iron, and hence are expensive. Though, there are other ornamental styles made from weaker iron variants, wrought iron fences are still regarded highly.

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