Importance of Auto Glass Repair

Due to various reasons like a hit from a rock, a stick, a bird hitting the windshield or an accident, numerous vehicles suffer damage to the windshield everyday which requires auto glass repair to repair the cracked or chipped windshield. There are two main reasons why you should immediately get a repair done.

  1. Visibility impairment- Even a little crack on the side of the driver’s or a little chip can greatly reduce the vision of the driver as it becomes an obstruction. This can make one miss red lights, pedestrians, brake lights on other vehicles, debris falling on the road etc. It becomes harder to see when driving under the sunlight or at night as the glare reduction of the windshield gets negated.
  2. Safety is Reduced- A windshield is basically two layers of glass stuck together with a layer of PVB which has multiple purposes. It provides a strong base by gluing the glasses together and prevents breakage and reduces UV exposure. If chips or cracks develop, the internal layer gets damaged and affects the integrity of the windshield.

Many people neglect these small chips as they think that repair is expensive. However, repairs are nowhere near as expensive as replacement and here are some of the benefits of getting an auto glass repair over windshield replacement.

Convenient Repairs: Repairs on the windows are quite simple and can generally be completed in under an hour which means you get your vehicle back pretty soon. Whereas, replacements take many hours to finish and can hinder you use of the car for atleast 12-24 hours till it is ready.

Cost effective: Repairs of windshield are very affordable. A single chip repair should be around $50 which is much less than the cost of insurance deductibles on windshield replacement. Your insurance company may cover the chip or crack repair outright if you have full coverage without you spending a penny.

Environmentally Safe: This is an important factor too. More and more people today are turning to a ‘greener lifestyle’ and hence it is important to consider the safety of environment in all aspects. Windshields cannot be recycled because of the way they are manufactured. This means every windshield which is damaged or replaced ends up in a landfill somewhere. Therefore one should check if a repair is possible and go for it rather than a replacement.

To get your windshield repair, only trust an experienced technician who can handle the glass and install it properly.

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