External Hard Drive Data Recovery – How to Recover Damaged and Corrupted Data From an External HD

Hard drives are now a vital part of our modern, technology filled lives. They are used to store large amounts of information ranging from important documents to favourite movies and television shows as well as memories in the form of pictures and videos. Before, if an external hard drive was accidentally corrupted with a virus or intentionally tampered with, it would be impossible to recover any of the data stored on it. Today however, it is possible to recover data from a damaged hard disk even though it is extremely difficult and time consuming. In addition to tampering or a virus, sometimes hard drives jut stop functioning and this can be a huge cause of stress and worry. Listed below are a few reasons for the malfunctioning or failure of hard drives.

  1. Physical damage that is caused when the hard drive falls to the flor from a height or when a heavy weight is accidentally placed on it. This usually occurs because the owner is not paying attention and is careless.
  2. Secondly, if a hard drive is placed for a long period of time on a flat surface when it is functioning and is also simultaneously covered, it may not get adequate ventilation which in turn will lead to it overheating and this will make it stop functioning

The two reasons for hard drive malfunctioning listed above are only the most common reasons among others. In the case that you own a damaged hard drive, there are two main things that you should avoid doing. Firstly, do not continue to use the damaged system as this can lead to more damage. Secondly, do not try to use a repairing device or utility on the data without professional help as you may inadvertently make all of the data on it irretrievable.

There are specific tools and software that is to be used in the recovery of data from damaged hard drives.  There are several steps underlying the usage of these data recovery tools which are listed below-

First, your hard drive is handed over to a professional technician who is experienced and knowledgeable. There are different levels of priority for different kinds of damages. For example, if data is lost because of a virus in the system or because the hard disk is physically damaged severely, technicians will consider it a high priority situation. In these cases, the main disk will first be accessed to see if the data can be viewed and retrieved. If this is possible, all the data will simply be copied on to a new storage device.

If the device is too damaged, then a survey is done to see what components can be replaced. Once these components are replaced, the data is then retrieved and copied on to a new disk. But to do the retrieval, technicians first carry out a process known as analysing low level data sectors. Following this, all of the data on the damages device is removed by ‘de-stripping the servers’ on which it is contained.

If you feel like you want to carry out recovery of data on your own, simply download a free recovery tool from the internet and follow the instructions given.

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