Electromagnetic Shielding: Enclosure Performance Depends on Seams, Apertures and Penetrations

Electromagnetic radiation can refer to the waves of an electromagnetic field that are transmitted through space, and carry energy. These waves can include radio waves, microwaves, infrared, gamma radiation, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. These waves can propagate through a vacuum as well, and are produced whenever charged particles are accelerated. This means that most electronic devices do emanate electromagnetic waves – devices that include your microwave, television, or radio. These waves can intervene with the functioning of other devices and equipment. Electromagnetic waves can intervene with your physical health as well, but most common household appliances generate weak electromagnetic waves, making it safe for human purposes.
However, your electronic devices are more sensitive, which means that you may require an EMI shield to help protect your devices. EMI shields can help obstruct the radiation and allow your electronic devices to work normally.

Seams are found on enclosures where a metal meets another metal. While constructing an EMI shield, make sure that the bonding between the components is fine – the ideal way to deal with this problem is to create a short circuit. Make sure that there is constant contact between the metals; one way to do this is to use uniform surfaces. Use quality gasket material to ensure that there is contact between the metal parts. When it comes to effective shielding material, metal plating is a suitable option. As for the apertures, make sure that they are a fraction of the smallest wavelength of the required frequency. Generally, the aperture is one-twentieth of the wavelength of the maximum frequency.
You know that every wire has a voltage, and when voltage is present, you’ll find an electrical field. The cables and wires have the ability to move the circuit-produced electromagnetic radiation out of the metal box or enclosure. This is the onset of problems, but there are ways to get rid of this RF energy conduction. Use shielded cables with the shields closed to the metal enclosures for better shielding performance. You can establish the perfect connection through an EMI type connector, which closes the electromagnetic shield at an angle of 360 degrees at the connector backshell. You can also consider using a fibre-optic cable for electromagnetic shield penetration. Use these bulkhead type connections in enclosures to prevent any radio frequency from entering or leaving it.

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