Different Types of Farm and Agricultural Machinery

The population of the World is growing and as per researches conducted around the globe, the world population will reach up to 9.6 billion people within 2050. With the increasing population, the food demands will also increase, and statistics say that, we will need at least a 70% increase in food production in the near future. As the population grows gradually, the demand for the organic product will also increase. Now, to meet the increased demands, the farm land owners or the farmers need to work harder with their crops, so that they can produce more food materials for the increased population. In modern times, the technological advancements have led to bringing in a revolution in the farming and agricultural machinery. These modern machines have change the outlook of farming, and through these machines are expensive, they can increase the production of the crops manifold. Now, here in this article, we will discuss on the different types of farm and agricultural machinery.


The most commonly used farming machine, and one of the main machines used from back the green revolution. The tractors nowadays are more modernized, with durable wheels and comfortable seats for the farmer. The main importance of the tractor is in, carrying heavy raw material or finished material from place to place. Today, in modern day tractors, there is temperature control, so that the crops getting carried don’t rot due to high or low temperatures. Tractors have two large thick wheels at the back, while small thin wheels at the front.


Cultivator generally fertilizes the soil or aerates it. Basically, before planting you need to fertilize the soil, or ready the soil for the crop, and this work is done by the cultivator. The Cultivator, just like tractors have two large wheels and the back, and two small wheels at the front. The unique thing about a cultivator which makes it different than a tractor is that is has, teeth or skank, which gets activated once the machine is operational. Therefore, when those teeth or skanks go over the surface of the field, the field gets aerated, making it more fertile.

Broadcast Seeder

Often, farmers own large farmlands, and therefore, it is very tough for them to manually distribute the seeds uniformly all throughout the land. Therefore, came broadcast seeder. This broadcast seeder is generally attached to a tractor, and it has a hopper which contains multiple blades. Now, whenever the tractor runs around the field, the hopper gets activated, and uniformly distributes the seeds all throughout the field. Some of the broadcast seeder also comes in with a machine called rotating seeder, which, doesn’t spread the seed uniformly but on a pattern basis.


This is one of the most important products in the whole farming process. Once the crop is ready to be cultivated, it is not time for the harvester to do its work. Harvester is a machine which plucks the plant from the soil, takes the finished product and cleans the debris, thereby giving you only the finished product in the basket.


Crops are generally prone to several different types of harmful insects, which can ruin the crop. Therefore, you need to protect your crop by spraying different pesticides regularly in the field, which is again impossible to do manually. Therefore, sprayer makes the work easy for you. It has got four wheels, which sprays the pesticides in the entire field.

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