Differences Between A Gazebo, Pergola And Pavilion

Everyone wants their backyard to be a nice place. This can be achieved by building a gazebo, pergola or pavilion. Some of these outdoor structures are more popular than the others and hence, it is a good idea to learn about all of them in order to decide which one best suits your backyard.

GAZEBO: A gazebo is the most common one around and it is definite that you have seen one at a park or elsewhere. It is a freestanding garden structure which is usually hexagonal or octagonal in shape with a dome roof. Some also have slabs or other kind of space to side inside. The purpose of these structures is to provide protection from the sun and rain. Gazebos are commonly made of wood and are placed in or near a garden. They act as a good set-up for photo sessions and garden weddings.

PAVILION: This structure is normally rectangular in shape and has a roof but the main difference between this and gazebo is the size. A pavilion is comparatively larger in size to accommodate more number of people. It can contain 5 to 15 people or even more depending upon its architecture. These were introduced in the 19th century and have been popular ever since to host outdoor events like family lunches, dinners, picnics, etc.

PERGOLA: This structure is also rectangular in shape and has four legs, but its unique characteristic is its open roof. It consists of horizontally placed wooden planks. A pergola can be separately constructed in the outdoor or can be attached with the house also. It makes a shady area and gives support to the plants. It can also be used to form a shaded pathway. It looks beautiful with vines climbing on its roof and adds grace to the place.


In today’s time, DIY is taking over the world with a fast pace. People want to build things themselves, their way. But some projects might need a lot of patience and time. So if you are thinking about recreating your backyard, consider if you have the amount of patience and time that it’s going to take. It might seem like the cheapest option but you can actually end up spending more if you don’t have the type of skills it takes. So decide wisely.

But designing your backyard can sometimes be a complicated business. Sometimes DIY is just not enough when you have so much in mind as there are more than just a few things to be taken care of. Complex structures need to be built with the help of a designer, an architect and a good builder. If you are planning to attach the structure to your house, then definitely don’t start without these people.

A lot many companies offer services as per your need. They offer great designs, good quality materials and timely construction that too for every budget plan. You can check online what services and designs are being offered t you and then select the company likewise.

Irrespective of the fact how you build your backyard structure, the one thing that is certain is that it will add value to your land and make your backyard seem useful and enriched.

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