How Diet Can Affect the Skin

Cosmetics aren’t the only products that visibly affect the skin – and it has been proven, through many medical studies, that what affects your skin the most (along with other factors of your body, including your health) is your diet –the kind of food you consume. From the fruits you eat, to the junk food that you choose to splurge on, everything you consume affects your skin as well, along with your health and your weight. Though cosmetics can aid in making your skin look young and healthy, having a healthy diet makes sure that your skin is naturally radiant, and that it remains radiant – and that it looks naturally young and supple. Another plus side to having a proper diet is that your health becomes better, along with the quality of your skin.

One example of your diet affecting your skin is, as medical research has suggested, that omega-3 fatty acids in fish help keep skin-cells strong and elastic, thereby preventing wrinkles from occurring on your skin. On another note, there have been studies that eating Mediterranean food can protect you against melanoma, a form of skin cancer. Food that is full of antioxidants, like olive oil, and tomatoes, help protect your skin from damage that is caused by the sun as well.

One of the main problems faced by vegetarians is finding alternate sources of protein, considering the fact that meat is a large source of protein for those of us that choose to consume meat. However, eating vegetarian food does have benefits, and these benefits can lead to healthy, young-looking skin. Antioxidants in whole grains help prevent wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of ageing. Another plus point to having a vegetarian diet is that the fat content tends to be low – and thus allows your skin to help retain water. Since your skin retains water, your skin will continue being soft and supple, reducing the need for moisturizers, and other cosmetic products.

However, if you choose to continue with a non-vegetarian diet, it is preferable if you consume fresh produce and lean meats, because these tend to reduce the stress hormone and minimize breakouts on your face, and lean meats contain antioxidants, and zinc as well – which help reduce the amount of blemishes on your skin.

Though saturated fats are bad for your body, your body does require some form of fat for it to function properly – so it is advised to make sure your diet contains nuts as well, so that your body will get the right kind of fats, and so that your skin will have a healthy glow.

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