How to Decorate Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Who doesn’t like a decorated and maintained kitchen? In modern days, the idea of kitchen has changed a lot. People today, go for modern kitchen which integrates all the technological advancements in the kitchen itself. Custom Kitchen Cabinet is one such approach to make the kitchen look modern. These cabinets not only look good and adds to the décor of the kitchen but also saves a lot of space. With these custom-made cabinets, you can easily beautify your kitchen more by adding some vintage things on top of the cabinet. Also, cabinets offer places for cutleries and other things which do not have a room of their own in the cupboard or jocker. Therefore, custom cabinets embellish both the look and the storage of the kitchen.

Antiques Appliances

Sometimes, antique appliances does the magic for these cabinets. If you have an old electric hand mixer, then decorate your kitchen cabinet with it. The electric hand mixer is also a right fit, because it does not take much to start it up and use it. Vintage appliances for your kitchen actually helps in setting in the right mood of the room. Moreover, if you want to decorate the kitchen more, then, use antique colanders with some beautiful decorations. If you have colanders in your cabinets, then you may also create a lighting effect in them, by using ambient rope lighting.

Seasonal Selection

The décor of the locker, should remain the same no matter what the season is or the what the year is. You may also consider having different decors for this part for different season. Like, in autumn you may have a photo of falling leaves, with a gourd or a pumpkin just below it. It doesn’t need to be an actual pumpkin or a gourd, it can be made of any material. Again, in the month of spring you may have fresh flowers beautifully decorated in a vase, and a golden or wooden egg with that. You can also allocate some space to your children to display their art and craft works. In most of the households, children display their artworks on refrigerators, but having a custom kitchen cabinet will allow them on using that as their displayer. Having said that, do not let them use the ladder to get up to the top of the cabinet to display their works. Instead, ask them where would they want to display it, and then you should keep the artwork as per their choice.

Colorful Commercialism

To spice the decoration up a bit, you may use collages. Make those collages using the advertising found inside the spice tins and fruit crates. This will create an attraction to the people who come in to your house and see the colorful collage. Often food crates contain images of apple, peach, grapes which are bright and colorful. Use these images for making the collage. If you like the whole cardboard crate, then you may also use it fully, but make sure that the label is visible from down.

Show off Your Interests

If you have a collection of coins from different countries, or if you have collected a lot of badges from different functions, then you may show it off by attaching them here and there on the cabinet. If you have a collection of vintage things, such as vintage lunch boxes, or vintage wine bottles, you may also display them.

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