Cremation costs v traditional funeral and burial expenses

It is a personal decision of a family to decide whether to have their loved ones cremated or buried. Moreover deceased one’s feelings, wishes and beliefs are also taken into consideration to decide on this matter.

Cremation cost is many times less than the expense of traditional funeral and burial, when the situation arises of the death of a loved one. When a person passes on without leaving sufficient resources to cover what has today become the popular business of funeral and burial expenses, creates a situation of tension among the relatives of deceased.

This business has overburdened the families, and sometimes it is too much. The families spend a lot of time thinking how to pay these expenses in this unfortunate time of death of a loved one. Nowadays, funeral expenses are sky rocketing often to 10,000$. Hence, cremation is the only option left for the people who are unable to pay this much amount.

Cost of cremation is far less than the traditional funeral expenses for many reasons. Firstly, unless family is planning on the viewing and funeral service prior to the cremation, there is less cost because the body does not need to be prepared.

Secondly, those who choose cremation will opt for direct cremation and have memorial service after the process of cremation. This makes it least expensive alternative to traditional viewing and funeral.

What makes traditional funeral and burial most expensive is the casket. Since the body will be transported to the crematory in a box which is specially designed to be put into cremation oven, this leads to no expense of high priced casket, because there will be no viewing process.

Another saving of the cremation process is purchase of grave plot. It can easily cost one up to 1500$ or more. The purchase of the grave plot solely depends on location and/or cemetery you choose to have the deceased to be placed on. The expenses also include maintenance of the grave after the burial.

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